If I can defeat cancer, I can defeat anything in life, says Ayaan Hashmi.


Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi’s son Ayaan Hashmi was seen with the pediatric cancer patients of ‘Hope’, says that if he can defeat cancer, he can defeat anything in life. He further added that he feels very strong after he has been declared as cancer-free.

Ayaan Hashmi was seen interacting with the media on Sunday in Mumbai. Ayaan was diagnosed with the first stage of cancer with a rare case of kidney cancer on 15 January 2014 at the age of three. After battling for five years, Ayaan was declared cancer-free.

When asked about his fight against cancer, on this Ayaan said, “I fought this dreadful disease and I am finally a victor. Today cancer can be cured it’s no more an uncurable disease. It is very important for every parent to support their child suffering from cancer mentally and emotionally. As your child is a cancer fighter, he or she needs your help. My parents did the same. I feel very strong after I have been declared as cancer-free. I know if I can defeat cancer, I can defeat anything in my life.

ImpaCCT foundation organizes ‘HOPE’ the celebration of ‘Victory over Cancer’ which is the biggest Paediatric annual event of the Tata Memorial hospital in December every year to welcome the New Year together.

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