Jailer’s Second Week: Entertaining Reasons to Watch the Film in Theatres

Superstar Rajinikanth’s Jailer has been doing great in Box Office. The production house recently released the film’s highest collection in the history of Tamil Cinema during its first week. It proves to be a tremendous snap back for both the filmmaker, Nelson Dilipkumar and the star actor, Rajinikanth. And now, its Jailer’s second week! What to expect? As you may read enough reviews from the fans and critics, it’s your time to watch it on the Big Screen and experience the film. So, we here elucidate some entertaining reasons to watch the film in theatres.

Rajinikanth Redefining Style & Mass:

Rajinikanth Redefining Style & Mass

Lastly seen in Annaththe, Rajinikanth was keenly hearing for eligible stories to work with. He found Nelson’s storyline to pursue with. Known to be the “King of Style”, Superstar Rajinikanth showcases his best acting skill. The blend of mass and class scenes display the actor’s hard work at the age of 72. Be it delivering the dialogues or fighting sequences, Rajinikanth nails them. So, our very own Superstar as Muthuvel Pandian, is one of the major reasons to watch the film in theatres.

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Nelson’s Massive Come Back:

As his directorial film, Beast, received mixed responses, Nelson Dilipkumar faced a lot of negativities. But with Jailer, he has not disappointed the fans and movie fanatics. He has crafted the film finely with stellar cast, better storyline, and elevated scenes that are not problematic and monotonous. Thereby, the filmmaker receives positive responses everywhere now.

Menacing Villain:


Varman, played by Vinayakan, is a powerful and menacing antagonist of the film. He is an established actor in Mollywood while Kollywood fans know him as, just an actor in Tamil films. Vinayakan only did a few films in Tamil Cinema. Speaking of which, the actor has mastered pure villainism in the film. He has been celebrated by Kollywood fans after the film, Jailer, is released.

Powerful Camoes:

Mohan Lal, The Complete Actor, and Shiva Rajkumar, Karunada Chakravarthy, gives a nuanced performance. Their performances have been well-received amidst the Tamil audiences. People are even browsing for the best movies of Shiva Rajkumar to watch as he defines the real gangster entry in the film. Apart from them, Jackie Shroff has done a cameo role in the film.

Anirudh’s BGM:

Fondly called as Rockstar, Anirudh Ravichander is setting the bars high. Composing music for the top actors’ film in Indian Cinema, Anirudh has curated some best numbers for Jailer. His killer BGM for the film proffers goosebumps experience. So, of course, Anirudh’s robust music enhances the film to the next level.

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