My idea of fun is to play certain kind of sports, says Tapsee Pannu.


Film actress Tapsee Pannu who has been recently signed as a brand ambassador for Radio Mirchi’s 5thedition of ‘Mirchi Neon Run’, says that her idea of fun is to play certain kind of sports . She further added that she has been always involved in some or the other kinds of sports.

Tapsee Pannu was interacting with the media on Friday in Mumbai.

This is the second year of Tapsee Pannu as the brand ambassador of ‘Mirchi Neon Run’. The Mirchi Neon Run took its first step in 2015 and is now a 22 city event across India.

When asked about her views on fitness,  Tapsee said, “Basically the idea is to have fun while doing any workout. My idea of fun is to play certain kinds of sports. As I have been involved in some or the other kind of sports before and after becoming an actor, it was easy for me to maintain my fitness level.

Now the situation is that my producers are making me run in the movies (laughs) whether its romantic, thriller, drama or any genres. Even in my upcoming movie ‘Rashmi Rocket’ as I am doing an athlete role I am made to run. Hence, in real life I think running is generally simplest and easiest thing to keep yourself fit, if you don’t have too much of time for work out.”

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