Physical Transformation of Dhruva Sarja is a blend of ‘OMG & Woah’: 18kgs in 23 days

It can be a monumental undertaking for many people to lose even one kilo of body weight. Dhruva Sarja, on the other hand, is not one of them. In just 30 days, he shed not just a few pounds, but 18 complete kilogrammes! Although it seems impossible, the actor’s photos provide convincing proof. This isn’t the first time this has happened. For a different project in the past, he had earlier lost weight and gained it back. The actor underwent this remarkable transformation for his new movie KD The Devil.

Here’s Why the actor has a remarkable physical transformation:

According to the film’s director, Prem, the character Dhruva gets to play in the film has two looks. One is inspired by the 1970s, the other by a later era. The actor had to undergo this transformation because they are currently filming a significant portion set during the 1970s. “His commitment as an actor to fit into the role of the film KD is truly commendable,” the director said in a recent interview.

Additionally, it’s claimed that for 30 days, the actor only consumed water and ate papaya and cucumbers. In order to achieve this shift as quickly as possible, the film’s director promised to eat some regular meals once every four days. He adhered strictly to the rules. The film crew has also claimed that Dhruva performed the task under the strict supervision of experts who were familiar with the situation. They were present at every stage of the transformation to help protect his health from any negative effects. The movie’s director has also cautioned the viewers against trying anything similar on their own.

This was made possible in large part because the actor has long been interested in fitness and is constantly surrounded by professionals. Therefore, it is not something that anyone can try and succeed in on their own.

Let’s now discuss the film KD the Devil and Dhruva’s character in greater detail. Prem, the director, claimed that Dhruva needed to look leaner to fit the character from the 1970s. It will reportedly take at least six months to finish filming the movie, which is currently shooting the portion set in the 1970s. It is based on some true events, and the set has been made to look exactly like Bangalore in the 1970s.

Sanjay Dutt, a well-known actor from Bollywood, will also appear in KD. He previously appeared in Kannada movies as Adheera, the main character in KGF Chapter 2. KD, a film primarily produced in Kannada, will also be released in Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam, as well as Hindi with dubbing. We anticipate that by November of this year, at the very least, the film’s filming will be finished, and we will learn more about its release.

KD-The Devil, the lead film from KVN productions, has generated buzz among audiences and professionals alike with its title teaser. The teaser has a big impact and was unveiled at a big event in Bangalore. It’s the first Pan-Indian film to be designed and created by the Kannada film industry.

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Here are some notable things from KD The Devil teaser trailer you should know:

● There will be numerous high-octane action scenes. You can anticipate that a movie set in Bangalore in the 1970s will show a seedy, dirty area of the city and feature action-packed scenes.

● It will be exciting to hear Sanjay Dutt’s powerful baritone voiceover. There are other voices, but Sanjay Dutt’s commanding baritone establishes the scope of what is to show up.

● The sets, which are set in Bangalore, now known as Bengaluru, in the 1970s, are highly produced and feature meticulous attention to detail. The teaser relocates you to a Bangalore that we most certainly don’t recognise and perfectly captures the film’s retro vibe.

● Dhruv Sarja, the movie star, is at the very top of his game, as evidenced by his appearance in the teaser. KD-The Devil is certain to be a brilliant performance for the Action Prince due to his aggressive body language and piercing eyes.

● Weeks were spent taking the background score for this film, so that is also pretty impressive. The musical score is one that remains with you long after the title teaser is over.

What else are you looking forward to seeing in the film KD The Devil? Let us know!

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