Spiderman: No Way Home – A Review with no Spoiler!

• “With great power comes great responsibility”.
• The best web-slinger movie of all time.

As long as our friendly neighbourhood spiderman swings to the theatre, there would be no period for the fans’ craziness. The much-awaited Spiderman movie of all time has released yesterday and received enormous applaud from the MCU fans. You would never know how enormous is enormous if only you have witnessed the theatre response. Encircled with multiple Marvel fans around you and watching a movie with them, the experience is immeasurable. It would not be completed when not mentioned about the “no spoiler” memes of the fans shared all over the social media platform. Obviously, who wants it when you literally wish to scream for the return of web-slingers?


2019 released MCU’s “Spiderman: Far From Home” incorporates the cliffhanger climax of Spiderman’s revelation as Peter Parker. The third part of the movie, “Spiderman: No Way Home” opens with the cliffhanger climax of the last spiderman movie. As of now, the world knows who spiderman is, it creates trouble for Peter Parker, the Spiderman and his loved ones. This is where he approaches one of our favourite Avengers, Doctor Strange for help as he wants to fix this thing about the revelation. So, Peter Parker (Tom Holland) requests Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) to make things they were before his revelation. As requested, Doctor Strange puts the spell to fix the thing but Peter interrupts with extra offers. He, later, faces a lot more than he wished for.

With no spoilers has been leaked, the multiverse concept receives the huge theatre eruption. The return of the former spider heroes (Tobey and Andrew) has been the global talk. Well, you would definitely get the answer when you watch the movie. Speaking of the background score, it is electrifying as it gives perfect goosebump moments while watching this legendary movie of all time. Jon Watts, the captain of the ship, never failed to infuse the emotional elements in the movie. The excitement and hype for this spiderman movie surpass MCU’s “Avengers: Endgame”. The wait is definitely worth it as the movie has the element of three-generation-cinemas. Undeniably, “Spiderman: No Way Home” is the best Marvel movie of all time. Well, the end of 2021 has brightened up the mood of celebration with the release of our friendly neighbourhood spiderman movie. If not watched yet, you have got to grab the tickets now as you would be loving it. Moreover, you could not help yourself from falling for the Marvel movies again and again.

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