#ThalaThalapathyOreo Challenge: Limited Edition

With the massive release of Thala Ajith’s Thunivu and Thalapathy Vijay’s Varisu, the fans are overwhelmed to watch their stars on screen. The movies made the fans go berserk as the stars have earned huge fandom. The trending question has emerged – ‘which movie you will watch first?’ since the movies are released on the same date on the onset of Pongal. The never-ending social media war between fans, the trending news of Ajith’s Thunivu and Vijay’s Varisu, and the fans going berserk have come to an end. #ThalaThalapathyoreo challenge has put a period to the war between both the fans. The exclusive edition of #ThalaThalapathyOreo cookies is just a blend of mass and class. It, indeed, made the fans to shake hands and pat shoulders to bond a friendship.

With the craze for the movies has not yet settled, Oreo has curated a challenge with reel cookies. They are imprinted with “Thala” and “Thalapathy” on the top which made the fans go wild. To make the reel cookies to real, you just have to accept the challenge that Oreo has dropped on its official Instagram handle. The cookies are special and limited edition and here’s how to win the #ThalaThalapathyOreo challenge.

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#ThalaThalapathyOreo Challenge:


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Want to win the real #ThalaThalapathyOreo cookies? To win the limited edition of the cookies, you just have to follow the following Oreo norms.

1. If you are a Thala fan, join with a Thalapathy fan or if you are a Thalapathy fan, join with a Thala fan.

2. Together, you have to create a unique Instagram story or picture or video that shows your fandom.

3. You have to post it on your Instagram as a collab post while adding the following hashtag #ThalaThalapathyOreo and tagging @oreo.india page.

It’s so simple and easy-peasy challenge to do. Howbeit, Oreo has taken a step ahead in joining the fans of Thala and Thalapathy.

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