Top 10 Movies That Show Importance Of Friendship

Nowadays, OTT platforms are flooded with Rom-coms and thrillers. Not many of us might have been in a relationship or experienced crime in our daily life. But all of us have best friends who are destined to cheer up our mood. Moreover, good friends are equally important as lovers in our life. In the same way, films that explore friendships are as important as romantic movies. Here, let us explore some movies that show the importance of friendship in life. We have tried to cover a diverse range of friendship movies in this article.

Top Movies that Show Importance of Friendship:
The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas

This 2008 English film is a heartwarming movie that shows the importance of friendship. The film shows the beautiful friendship between a young Jewish prisoner and the son of a Nazi officer. Here, the Jewish boy is always seen in striped pyjamas behind the electric fence. The bond that blooms between him and an innocent boy from the camp is the crux of the film. Though the film deals with the history of the Holocaust, the narrative focuses mainly the friendship. Furthermore, this friendship between those young boys has many ups and downs just like any other relationship. They work towards it and create a heartening friendship that is lovely to watch. However, in the end, the film has some unexpected twists and dramas. Also, this movie can leave you with a heavy heart.

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Extra-Terrestrial (E.T.) is a wonderful work by Steven Spielberg. This 1982 American science fiction film deals with a unique form of friendship. E.T. revolves around a young boy named Elliot and how he befriends an extra-terrestrial alien. This relationship is solely based on loyalty, compassion, and love. The story also deals with the strange cosmic connection between the alien and the boy. This is such a fun and colorful movie to watch which also has some moving scenes. Furthermore, the film was also nominated for Oscars under nine categories.

The Intouchables/Untouchables

This french comedy-drama is a light-hearted friendship movie that also became France’s second-biggest box office success in 2011. The film deals with the friendship between a quadriplegic French nobleman and a streetwise immigrant. Here, the way the latter takes care of the former becomes the base of the friendship. The story also emphasizes that sometimes the best people we meet are from unexpected places. If you’re seeking a feel-good friendship movie, we suggest this one.

Me And Earl And The Dying Girl

Me And Earl And The Dying Girl

This underrated friendship movie stars the House of Dragon fame, Olivia Cooke. Here, the movie shows Greg as an aloof teen who is friends with Earl. Greg is also assigned to befriend and keep company with a young dying girl named Rachel. The friendship between Rachel (Olivia Cooke), Greg, and Earl is such fun to watch. Also, this film has the ability to make you laugh, cry, and think about your life all at once. In nutshell, this is a funny movie that also happens to be a bit tragic.

The Fallout

The Fallout is a Gen-Z friendship movie released in the year 2021. The film stars Jenna Ortega as Vada, a traumatized high school girl. The way Vada tries to overcome her trauma and the relationships she faces along the way form the crux of the story. The film shows the unlikely friendships and supports we usually get during the difficult times of our life. The fallout also focuses on emotional connections as well as learning about one’s sexuality. This film is a casual portrayal of the challenging friendships faced by the current generation.

777 Charlie

777 Charlie is a 2022 Indian adventure comedy-drama film in the Kannada language. Here, the film shows the lovely bond between a labrador dog (Charlie) and the hero. It also proves that there can be true and reciprocal friendships between canines and humans. This film mostly deals with the friendship between a lonely factory worker and a stray labrador puppy. Also, it is such a wonderful travelogue film with soulful music. The movie also has just the right amount of humor and heartwarming scenes to keep us interested at all times. The film had so much impact that there was also a raise in the sales of labrador pups for a while.

3 Idiots/Nanban

3 Idiots is one of the high grossing as well as notable films of all time. This iconic friendship movie by Rajkumar Hirani was also made in Tamil as Nanban. This movie showcases an incredible bond between three people who meet in college and develop an enduring friendship. Young college people, especially engineering students strongly relate to this movie even now. Though it is a satire on the Indian educational system, the movie explores friendships and emotions in a broad manner. Especially the journey to find a friend after 10 years shows the importance and impact of friendship in one’s life.

Chennai 600028

Chennai 600028

This Tamil sports comedy film is such a fun-filled friendship movie to watch. The movie also centers on a variety of themes, including love, and rivalry in a suburban setting. Chennai-28 handles casual friendships in a practical way. It’s a quirky movie that was well-appreciated at the time of its release. The movie also has some best friendship BGMs and songs in Tamil cinema. The team also made many such movies portraying quirky friendships but this one always stands out.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

This Zoya Akhtar’s 2011 Hindi comedy-drama movie is fun to watch. The film shows three friends’ bachelor party trip to Spain and the life-changing experiences they face. The movie also deals with dark confrontations, fears, and romance. It is also the ideal movie to watch with your friends on a weekend. The film also proves friendships and relationships are timeless. Every time we see this movie, it will definitely reminds us of our old friends.


S. S. Rajamouli is the director of this epic action drama movie. In an actual sense, RRR is an imaginary friendship movie between two famous rebels. The fictitious relationship and confrontations are a treat to watch. This story deals with how two Indian rebels form an undying friendship and fight against the British Raj. The deep bond and understanding between the two leads are the biggest plus of the movie. This movie has everything from action and drama to great friendships.

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