International Day of Democracy – September 15th

On September 15, we have the chance to honour and recognise our democratic society by commemorating International Day of Democracy. People who live in free societies tend to take their freedom and rights for granted very easily. On the other hand, life comes with challenges that are often incomprehensible when freedom is not present. Let’s take a moment to consider the evolution of democracy throughout history, express our gratitude to those who contributed to the creation of our government, and search for ways to advance and defend democracy in our own country.

The UN General Assembly’s 2007 resolution, according to the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), created the International Day of Democracy. On September 15, 2008, 46 national parliaments observed the first International Day of Democracy, according to the statement.

The purpose of this day, as set forth by the UN General Assembly, is to honour the values that democracy upholds by highlighting the role that the government plays in preserving open society among all UN Charter member states. Democracy empowers citizens to make choices that affect every aspect of their daily lives. The UN serves a number of functions as part of its advocacy for democratic societies throughout the world, including voting monitoring, strengthening democratic processes and accountability, and helping countries that have recently experienced conflict to write their own constitutions.

Take stock of the numerous ways you partake in our country’s collective decision-making and support democratic ideals as you recognise your own freedom and rights and take into account the country’s present state of democracy.

What can you do this International Day of Democracy?

● The United Nations organises official international events each year to promote public understanding of democracy in action. Previous topics have included inspiring young people to participate in democratic movements, discussing sustainable development, and fostering civility in society. See what you’re able to do to participate by learning more about the theme and activities for this year.
● Although voting is a duty we bear as citizens, we shouldn’t cast our votes without doing our research. Spend some time this day getting to know the candidates for the upcoming local, state, as well as national elections. Check to see that the candidates you choose to support are actually in line with your values, that they will represent their constituents, and that they will make decisions that will benefit the neighbourhood.
● You have a lot of power as a citizen of a democratic system. Your participation is crucial to achieving both the goal and the process of democracy. The development of digital technology has made it simpler than ever to continue voting, advocate for impacts, contact elected officials, and otherwise participate in our particular system of government.

Why is International Day of Democracy Important?
It empowers the people

Because democracy provides its citizens with a voice and empowers them to implement adjustments as they see fit, it is a powerful system. One outcome of this system of governance is that democratic shifts allow for the emergence of fresh economic principles, which eventually ends in an improved and innovative world.

It is founded on equality

No matter your identity or your position in life, equality—one person, one vote—is strongly emphasised in the governing documents of democratic governments. Equal treatment under the law is crucial to democratic governments, despite the fact that this idea hasn’t always been prevalent or constant over the generations.

It is based on evolution

The ability to effect change when necessary is a tenet of democratic societies. Individuals have the ability to maintain things as they are in theory if everything is going well. It is up to the people, though, to remove the outdated and usher in the contemporary if things do not work out.

And that’s everything you need to know about the International Day of Democracy. Let us know if you have any questions or if we have reported anything wrong in this article.

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