World Wind Day 2021


The celebration of wind energy might not found its place in your brain but then you might have to know how much it is essential and its crucial role in our day-to-day life. The foremost thing that pops up in our mind when it comes to wind, is all about the fresh air touching our cheeks, isn’t it? Well, the wind is not only helpful in providing the rejuvenating air but also the wind energy helps in shaping the energy systems thereby improving the economy level. Otherwise known as Global Wind Day, World Wind Day has been marked and celebrated on 15th June every year. The day has been pronounced to bring in the awareness on wind energy as it is the natural form of energy that promotes the economic level of the state and other essential growth of the society.

The history of World Wind Day dates back to 2007 as it was first observed by EWEA (European Wind Energy Association) in Europe. Later, Both EWEA (European Wind Energy Association) and GWEC (Global Wind Energy Council) collaborated to organize the events and create awareness globally in 2009. As a result, the names established as Global Wind Day and World Wind Day. Since many nations participate in this global event to create awareness about the natural form of energy, most of the educational institutes and students would get the gist of World Wind Day. Also, people could use social media platforms to raise awareness about the day through which someone could be infused about the importance of wind energy.


When you create awareness stating some particular themes for the yearly celebration of the global day, it would be effective amongst the people. This would kindle people’s memory whenever they come across the giant windmills. Well, World Wind Day 2020 had the theme “Future Wind” which focused on how wind energy gashes emissions, enhances the quality of air, and involved in several jobs. And this year we have effective quotes for the day such as “Air has possibilities of clean energy. Let’s celebrate World Wind Day together”, “Know the hidden energy in the air. Recognize the power of science” and “This pure natural air, In reality there is medicine for man” and many such. Through these quotes, you might have realized how the power of wind could be helpful for the mankind and environment.

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