10 Key Things You Should Never Ask Your Partner To Do In Your Relationship


Never ask your partner to do these things in your relationship!

Every relationship has to be watered up in a healthy way. You would wish to do certain things in your relationship to make sure it is healthy as you wish. But you should also be careful before doing anything in your relationship because it would lead to unwanted arguments. So, there are several things which you should never ask your partner to do in your relationship as it might lead to an unhealthy relationship. To avoid such things, you should avoid asking for certain things for your partner to do.

NEVER ASK THEM TO CHANGE COMPLETELY: The major issue of the relationship is known as self-abandonment. However, one could abandon themselves emotionally, financially, physically, relationally, and spiritually. When you are ready to love yourself, you would explore a better loving relationship.

NEVER ASK THEM TO INCORPORATE UNHEALTHY HABITS: Never make them skip the gym or trigger them with the cigarettes when they have already quit. You should never make force them to drink or smoke when they do not wish to. You should encourage their decision to lead healthy lives in the relationship.

NEVER ASK THEM TO GIVE UP THE HOBBIES: It is easy to say that “you are my everything” when you are in a relationship. But no one could be everything to someone in this world. You should have to develop your relationship from outside the relationship otherwise it would not work or last longer.

NEVER EXPECT YOUR PARTNER TO AGREE WITH YOU IN EVERYTHING: Just because you are in a relationship, you should never expect your partner to agree with you by all means. Also, you should never expect them to say “yes” to everything you say. This is because your partner might have some other opinion which you should hear and accept and if you want your partner to accept everything you do, then your relationship would never be healthy.

NEVER TALK ABOUT THE PAST: You should never ask your partner to express about the past sexual deeds and lovers. It is not necessary for your present relationship as it might lead to unwanted disputes. It is something to be locked forever and should never talk about in detail.

NEVER ASK FOR YOUR PARTNER’S MOBILE: If you ask for your partner’s mobile for the check, then you have a trust issue in your relationship. However, trust is something that makes your relationship better and healthier and it is the basement of any relationship. If there is a trust issue, then there is a problem in your relationship.

NEVER ASK THEM TO QUIT THE JOB: If you ask your partner to quit the job, it is definitely going to be terrible. Never ever interfere in the decision of their job-related decision. It is your partner’s independent decision to change their jobs or to stay at home.

NEVER ASK YOUR PARTNER TO DO SOMETHING THEY FEAR: You should never try to do something scary in your relationship which your partner might be scared of. Never ask your partner to face the fears if they never want to do it.

NEVER TELL YOUR PARTNER TO DUMP THEIR BESTFRIEND: This is one of the major issues faced by the partners in the relationship. You should never ask your partner to ditch their best friend just because you do not like him or her. If the friendship precedes the relationship, then you should stay out of it, and no other go.

NEVER TRY ANY SENSUAL DEEDS IF YOUR PARTNER SAID “NO”: You should never try any sexual deeds to which your partner has already said “no”. This would give the impression that you are not respecting them as an individual and even you are putting your sexual needs in the first place.

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