Gentlemen! 7 Ultra Fine Signs That Show A Girl Is Flirting With You


Signs that unveil a woman is flirting with you!

Figure out the following signs to confirm the flirtation!

Seriously, flirting comes with a bunch of fun when it is from both sides. But it is more elusive when you wonder about the other person is flirting with you or not.  Well, flirting is something where are you land safely on a border with the thought of the person’s feelings about it. So, you are not gonna completely land in the flirting world until you are sure about the other person’s feelings. If they are not into it, then put forth that you are actually friendly. That’s a good move, right? Well, women try to flirt subtly than men where you could not find what she is actually feeling or trying and a woman expects you to guess it. So, if you are not sure of flirting and friendliness, then you gotta check out the following signs to make sure of flirting signs in a woman. Just try to figure out the signs one by one in her as you could not conclude when you find one of the signs in her.

SMILES AND LOOKS AWAY: This is one of the most important yet welcome signs from her. She would slowly look at you and smile at you and then turns her head and then it happens later or every few minutes. Guys! You gotta check whether someone is behind you and ensure it is only you standing there.

WISHES TO BE AROUND YOU: Okay! In this case, if she comes around you or she’s near you more often but she does not really want to be there, then she finds you more attractive and wants to spend time with you in a non-physical way.

TOUCHES YOU LOVINGLY: If a woman touches your arm or jogs you, then she is really interested in you. No woman touches a man without their likings or interest for him. So, when she touches you casually or nudges you playfully, it expresses that she is interested in you.

MOVES HER LIPS AND PLAYS WITH HER HAIR: Like a smile, moving her lips sensually is one of the major signs of flirting. You could now wipe out that big confusion “does she? Or does not she?” You could confirm through the signs she makes when she looks at you. And if she bites her lip or licks her lips, then looking at you – then it’s obviously the flirting thing. Yet another act of pure flirtation is playing with the hair. It might express to you that she is nervous while talking as well as flirting with you.

TAKES YOUR JOKES AND LAUGHS: Only if someone finds your joke really funny, they would laugh. But if a woman laughs at your joke which is funny or not, then she is really into you. That’s a Lol for a joke which is not even funny!

SEEKS OUT YOUR RELATIONSHIP STATUS: She might get into your relationship status and really wish to know about it playfully. She might even put forth statements related to your relationship and wait for your supposed answer. You might grab her deep flirting with you.

TAKES IN YOUR BODY LANGUAGE: Almost every one of us would do this when we like someone. It comes under subconscious things that we do not even realize that we are actually doing it. Well, if she likes you, she would mirror your body language and you would have noticed it as well. Here it shows that she comfortable being with you and interested in you.

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