10 Most Easiest Ways To Curb Your Emotional Eating


Emotional eating is compulsive eating of food based on a person’s feelings rather than based on physical hunger and nutritional needs.The obsessive urge to eat is stimulated by emotions. We often think turning to food for comfort will solve all the problems, forgetting the fact that eating just helps us feel better temporarily. This chaotic or fast paced life makes you eat at odd times. Here are some tips to stop you from emotional eating. So the next time someone quotes “stressed is desserts spelled backwards”, You should recall the effects of emotional eating and the following guidelines:

1) Reflect on why you are indulging in emotional eating

You need to ask your stomach whether it wants food. Before eating, you need to reflect on whether you really need to have what you are having. If you want to avoid it, you should take steps to do so.

2) Think before you act- Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness helps you in observing, analysing and understanding your thoughts. Being mindful while eating will make you eat what is necessary.

3) Don’t watch TV while you are eating

If you watch TV while you are eating, you won’t know how much you are eating. There was recent terminology being circulated in social media called ‘Snaccident’ . It means eating a whole pizza or a whole something by mistake.  ‘Snaccident’ happens when you watch TV and eat or when you multitask and eat.


4) Chew and eat slowly

They say that when you chew your food slowly, you end up eating less. So, the next time you eat make sure you decide what portions you are going to eat and eat slowly to eat less.

5) Pick the smaller plate

Before you start your lunch or dinner, just make sure the plate you are going to pick is of a smaller size. Suppose you are in a restaurant, it’s true that you can’t avoid ordering for food, but you can order smaller portions to maintain a balanced diet.

6) Understand that food can’t fill up voids

Most of us turn to food for comfort as one gets the feeling that it always fills up the void in your life. But, the truth is, it does not fill up any void. You just feel better temporarily, but that does not mean that it will solve the emotional problem you are facing.

7) Stop over attending parties that make you eat a lot

Man is a social animal and today is the time when so much is happening. There is a party everywhere and you always get invited to parties and events. In case, you want time for yourself and want to maintain a balance in your diet, you can skip a few parties and there is nothing wrong about that.

8) Cravings are triggers really

Remember any craving is nothing but an emotion needing attention.  It may be sadness, anger or boredom. People do that because it is so comforting. Turn to food only when you need to it. In case you are really hungry, have fruits and water to feel better.

9) Eat only when you are hungry

This is the most difficult advice to follow, but this is what works the best .Eating only when you are hungry will make you not put on the calories you put on when you indulge in emotional eating.

Alternatives to emotional eating

  • Go for a jog
  • Meet a friend
  • Volunteer somewhere and help someone in need
  • Let go
  • Dance to your favourite tunes
  • Read a good book

There are so many other things you can do other than eating unnecessarily. All the best for your new journey with food!

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