3 Unbelievable Chicken Breeds That Lay Blue Eggs



To our surprise, chickens lay eggs in blue color!

Different breeds laying blue color eggs and the colors might range differently as well!

Of course, we do know that the eggs of the chickens are only white in colors, and nature does not give us any other choices to select. You would not have imagined any other colors either. This is because our brain visualizes the very available white eggs, light brown, and dark brown eggs that we get from the chickens naturally. But what if you get eggs that are other than white color? Well, it completely depends on the type of hens being selected if you are into poultry farming. When you choose the right type of hen and chicken breeds, it would amaze you with the colorful eggs than the others. Certain chicken breeds lay eggs with certain colors that vary from green to blue to yellow and other possible colors as well. It would still be interesting and curious when you do not know what the colorful eggshell contains in it. So, here are certain mysterious breeds that would surprise you with colorful blue eggs.

EASTER EGGER CHICKENS: Remember the Christian festival Easter and the Easter eggs with colorful picturization? That’s what you reminiscence when you heard of this particular chicken breed. This is not even a pure breed but it is totally a mixed-breed chicken. This popular breed is the most wanted breed of all and it is highly characteristic as friendly, hardy, and smart. Though they are not a pure breed, this famous mixed-breed is the best-loved breed by the chicken owners and the owners prefer to buy this particular breed than other breeds. Easter egger chickens used to lay eggs in the chillness of the winter which is extra-large size than the usual ones and the colors of the eggs range from blue, green, rose, brown, sage, olive, and cream as well. However, several hatcheries would take Easter Eggers as Araucanas or true Ameraucanas and so you should be aware of choosing it.

CREAM LEGBAR CHICKENS: Originally from Great Britain, the Cream Legbar chickens are actually not the pure breed too. These friendly chickens are the cross-breed of Barred Plymouth Rocks with the golden Leghorns and Araucanas as well. You could still witness the characteristics of Barred Plymouth Rocks and Araucanas in the creamy chickens of the UK. The blackish browny feathery birds would always love to stay outside and are known as active foragers. They would also stay away from predators. However, Legbars are “autosexing” which means the males and females could be distinguished while hatching. They use to lay eggs that are always blue in color and this blue might differ slightly as sky blue, light turquoise, or light green at times.

ARAUCANA CHICKENS: Being the amalgamation of Collonocas and the Quetros, Araucanas are truly originated from Chile. The breed is clumped and has no tail head even. This utterly new breed is also a famous one among the chicken owners as it could be used in crossing breeding often. This rare breed lays eggs that are blue in colors and the chicks of the chickens would die in the shells even before hatching because of the tufted or clumped gene. However, the true breed of Araucanas is available only via breeders.

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