4 Amazingly Attractive Eye Contact Flirting Tips That Always Work



Probably, we all might have come across that eye contact is more essential in a relationship. Your eye could express what you really want to say to the person and delivers the thoughts of you. So, if you really wanna make someone have their attention on you, you just have to go with eye contact flirting moves which would definitely do magic for you. But does eye contact flirting sound new to you? Might be! As the term has not been used often, it is new to few. If someone gazes at you now and then, then obviously you would get to them and even create a curious interest in you.

Of course, most people indulge in this deed. In fact, flirting through eye contact is one of the safest, funniest and best ideas to handle and get to know someone is interested in you. It is kind of welcoming love and knowing if the person is interested or not. Some love the magic of eye contact flirting eventually which is not all harmful. So, here are a few eye contact flirting tips for you to grasp someone you are interested in.

CREATE CURIOSITY: At first, you should have to stare at the person now and then until they notice you. You should never give fleeting glances, then it might go wrong. However, when the person looks at you back and gazes at you with curiosity, you just have to catch their glance for a second and then turn away suddenly. It is this kind of action which creates further curiosity in the person. So, you just have to repeat the action of staring and looking away when the person stares at you.

EXPRESS YOUR MIND: Generally, the person you are interested in might think that the glance of yours must be a passing one but not an intentional one. But when they catch your intentional glances now and then, they would definitely understand that your gaze is more than a passing one. Meanwhile, you should be cautious of your glances and do not look at them for more than a second. It might destroy the excitement which you are trying to create.

ALTER THE EYE CONTACT FLIRTING: Eventually, you must have created the curiosity in the person and they would stare at you back. You just notice it by the corner of your eye but do not stare at them directly. This is the universal thing that most people might follow. You should wait for the person to look back at you again and when they do, you just have to turn away by looking at them a second. This is how you create an interest in the person as if they are the ones looking for you now.

LOOK AT THE RESPONSE YOU GET: Now, the person you like looks at you often as you do. It thus assures that the eye contact flirting is working and assures of amazing as well as fun-filled evening. Watch if the one you are looking at is equally interested in you and if not, just give up the gazing game. Another strategy is that smile at the person you are interested in, if they smile back at you, then you have got the person for a date. And if they do not reciprocate as you think, then just drop the flirting and move away. This is how your eyes could do wonders and known to be the harmless flirting.

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