4 Signs of Vitamin K Deficiency You Should Know This Season


We all know about the importance of vitamins required for our body. Below is a guide to know more about Vitamin K and the several symptoms caused due to low levels of vitamin K.

Blood-thinning: Vitamin K plays a vital role in the formation of blood clots. If a person has Vitamin K deficiency the body loses its ability to stop the excessive flow of blood even in the case of minor cuts.

Weakness: Anemia – when vitamin K levels decrease it occurs. This makes a person tired, appears to look pale. Commonly said to as a weakness.

Stomach pain: A good amount of vitamin k in the body monitors our digestion and facilitates smooth digestion. However, sometimes, stomach pains are common due to a lack of this vitamin in the body.

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Nose bleeding: Low levels of Vitamin K are highly susceptible to nose bleeding. Always watch out for these symptoms as an indicator that one is deficient in this essential vitamin.

To enhance the Vitamin K production, below list of food you need to consume.

–   It is agreed that green leafy vegetables enhance vitamin K production multifold. Help increase the hemoglobin level in the body.

–   Indian spices are very beneficial for vitamin K.

–   Olive Oil is known to enhance vitamin K production in the body.

–   Cabbage and Broccoli are known to be rich sources of vitamin K intake.

Besides the list of signs, it’s also important that you consult a doctor in any extreme cases. Our diet has an impact on our health. A well-balanced diet along with a regular exercise regime would help keep us healthy and happy.

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