5 Amazing Sleep Hews That Assist You In Reducing The Belly Fat



  • Adapt these sleep hacks to reduce the belly fat!
  • Use these lockdown days to shape yourself healthily!

Probably, most of you would have indulged in losing that “extra-fat” surrounding your waist during this lockdown period. Weight loss is your dream destination which could only be achieved through complete lifestyle change. Only by making a few adjustments in your life, you could attain your dream goal. So, it is highly essential to cut down your calorie intake as much as you could and make sure to fulfill by doing exercises. Even though you cut down your calorie intake and doing regular exercise, it is important to get enjoy quality sleep. By taking complete rest, it would definitely help you to reduce the belly fat. This is because sleep deprivation could destruct your dream of losing belly fat which might cause fat and sugar cravings even and make you wolf down your food. So, here are these simple bed-time hews which would help you to shed your weight.

MAKE SURE YOUR ROOM IS DARKER: Sleeping in the darkness would assist you in shedding those extra kilos of your body. This is not just by switching off your lights but by drawing your curtains to block the lights from your window as well. That’s how the complete darkness looks! This is because a dark room helps your body to produce melatonin which is actually a sleep-promoting hormone. Even a slight exposure of light could intervene in the production of melatonin in the body. However, melatonin also impacts your metabolic rate and thus helps in converting the brown fat to white fat.

GO TO BED EARLY: Your body actually burns more calories when you are involved in a deep sleep. A long and sound deep sleep would help you to burn as much as calories you wish. This is because your brain is most active during REM sleep or deep sleep. Meanwhile, the brain uses energy and your body thus continues to produce glucose to fuel up your brain.

MAKE SURE OF COOLER TEMPERATURE: Your body is also in need of some good fat which is also helpful in aiding the weight loss. The brown fat is otherwise known as brown adipose tissue and it is used to get your body acclimatized to your surroundings. However, this fat is activated by cold temperature which acts as an internal heating jacket for your body. Meanwhile, these activated brown fat cells would help you burn fat. Thus, the sleeping cold might help you to lose those a few extra kilos.

CONSUME GREEN TEA BEFORE BED-TIME: This is a sleep-friendly tea which would help you to burn the calories. Though it contains caffeine, green tea is helpful in enhancing your metabolism. However, green tea only contains one-third of the caffeine in a cup.

SWITCH OFF YOUR GADGETS: When you have an electronic device in your bedroom, it would be highly distracted from your sleep. So, your sleep time would be affected. Meanwhile, the blue light emission from the phones might distract the melatonin production in your body and so it is advisable to keep your mobile phones away from you which would help you to lose your extra kilos.

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