5 Delicious Foods You Can Eat Blindly Without Gaining Weight


Is it possible to maintain your weight by enjoying yum-yum foods?

Check out the following food items which would allow you to stay fit by filling your tummy!

Certain foods help you to fill your tummy without gaining weight. The foods would provide the satiety level and stop you from hankering. Thus, you would be filled without being increased with calories. Does not it sound weird? Yes, but nature has provided us with some healthy foods. You do not wanna eat tasteless food or salads with the frowning face whereas you could eat palatable food by staying healthy. How could it not be possible? It is possible with these foods which would make you full and decrease your calorie consumption. Let’s check out the following food items which stop your craving and make your tummy full without any weight gain.

EGGS:  You might have heard that egg yolks consist of bad for heart’s health because of their high cholesterol. But research has revealed that it is not bad cholesterol but it is a good amount of protein which means that they are incorporated with essential amino acids. When you take eggs for your breakfast, you would have a good start of the day which would be energetic for the rest of the day. So, you could still have eggs and retain your weight in comparison with someone who has been following a diet with tasteless foods.

BOILED POTATOES: When it comes to reducing calories, people would avoid eating potatoes like eggs due to their high carbohydrate. Surprisingly, you could eat potatoes and you could stay fit too. Potatoes are naturally healthy for your body but in the boiled form instead of fried form. The starch contains in the potatoes is similar to the soluble fiber in your digestive system. It would remain satiated and gain fewer calories.

POPCORN: Is popcorn healthy? Absolutely, Yes! When you feel like eating chips or any other snack items, you could go for popcorn. This would be the best choice as the whole grain itself low in calories and high in fiber. Since popcorn is prepared for air, it would make you feel fuller for longer hours. Now you are happy about how you are binging on the popcorn in the theatre with your pals with the sprinkled tomato or garlic powder. It would be a wise choice if you prefer air-popped popcorn to popcorn prepared in the microwave bag.

FISH AND LEAN MEAT: Foods that are a rich source of protein would be more satisfying ones. Yet it is a good choice of yours to select lean meats in the diet. However, fish consists of low fat associated with high in omega-3 fatty acids and protein. By selecting lean meats and fish for your diet, it helps you to stay satiated and retain your cardiovascular system to be healthy. So, it is good for you to choose fish and lean meats rather than other meats that are packed with saturated fat.

APPLES: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. The proverb is cent percent true in real life. Apples contain a soluble fiber called pectin, which in turn enhances your digestion. An apple piece contains 85% of water which would make you feel fuller without gaining calories.

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