5 Incredible Expert Tips For A Great SEX Even With Diabetes



Taking a step back from sexual pleasure due to diabetes?

It is now possible to enjoy optimal sex with diabetes.

Presently, Diabetes is one of the major and most common issues. People with diabetes worry a lot when it comes to sexual pleasure and they feel like it is the third wheel at the time of togetherness. You can even face other hindrances such as low blood sugar level, vaginal dryness, erection dysfunction but you enjoy better sex by not succumbing to these mentioned obstacles. So, prevent before you deal with it or else plan in advance to face such challenges. You should never fail to listen to your body and take good care of it. You should always remember to manage your blood sugar level and take good care of your diabetes. This action, in turn, helps you to have better sex with diabetes and it is the foremost way to limit sexual issues associated with diabetes. Incorporate the following strategies in your sex life.

SEX AS WORKOUT:  You just have to take sex as a form of exercise and should act accordingly. This will help you in battling the low blood sugar levels. It is supposed that your body will be blocked out of having enjoyment when you have a low sugar level. It completely destroys the real merriment of togetherness. So, it is advisable to check your blood sugar before sex if you are using insulin and have a bite of snacks if the blood sugar level is low. You can also spread extra romantic aroma by adding your snacks on the bed. You can add strawberries, ice cream, and even chocolate as it is associated with a romantic feel.

GO WITH THE FLOW: Of course, planning ahead is helpful for you in sex. But if sex happens, just go with it naturally. You do not want to wait for the right time of opportunity just because you are not following your diabetic workout routines. Just because you are not following your exercises, it does not mean to cease yourself from sexual pleasure. All you need to do is to check your glucose level at once after the sex.

HAVE A SEX KIT BY YOUR SIDE: You just have to be prepared in advance and so keep things that you will need for favorable sex right by your side. It may be anything like a bottle of juice or glucose tablets or test supplies that you may usually have your side every time. When it comes to women, you may need to include a lubricant in your arsenal kit. You should be free to add massage oils or any other supplements to improve your mood. So, have a pack of kit by your bedside when you are indulging in sexual pleasure.

CONSUME ALCOHOL IN LIMIT: Well, boozing a little can help boost up your sexual desires but drinking excessively can effectively drop your blood sugar level. So, when you consume alcohol, you just intake a glass of champagne during your cuddling time. Or else, you can drink a little earlier along with a meal or snack because it will limit the effect in your blood sugar level. It is highly advisable for men who are dealing with erection dysfunction to limit their drink.

FEEL RELAXED: Every stage of the sex depends on you and you should be confident about yourself. However, diabetes may work unexpectedly at times and even helps in having a sense of humor when something is wrong. When you feel confident, ease and stress-free, you will be indirectly depicting that you feel relaxed about the togetherness and it will also be noticed by your partner.

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