5 Most Interesting Beauty Benefits of Green Apples


We do know that eating apples are healthy for our body. But ever thought of its magical beauty impacts on you? If not, just try to get the most out of the luscious fruit for its beauty benefits. We might have dreamt of tasting green apple when we were a kid as we thought it would be a rare thing. Who might have thought of green apples miraculous job in glowing up the skin? So, here are the surprising beauty benefits of green apples.

ENHANCES THE TEXTURE OF THE SKIN: When you use a green apple face mask or moisturizer regularly, you would notice the improvement in the overall skin texture.

PROVIDES THE GLOW: You could now welcome the brightness and healthy glow in your natural skin-tone by treating your skin with the vitamin-rich green apples.

PROTECTS AGAINST THE SUN-RAYS AND PREVENTS ACNE: Since apples contain copper which produces melanin naturally, it would protect your skin from ultraviolet sun rays. Even the regular consumption of green apples would help control and combat acne.

COMBATS WRINKLE: The presence of antioxidants in the apples would help you to keep your skin elastic and also battle against the aging process.

AVERTS SKIN DISEASES: When there is an absence of nourishment, it would lead to various skin issues such as eczema and even cancer. But green apple juice would assist you in nourishing your skin and protect your skin from various issues as well.

TO PREPARE FACE MASK: Take a green apple and peel off the skin and cut it down before blending it. Blend the apple until it becomes a paste and add one teaspoon honey and one tablespoon of fresh yogurt and then mix the ingredients well. Now, apply the mixture on your face with your fingertips and massage it gently. Leave it for about 15 minutes and remove the face mask with warm water or with a washcloth. You would eventually notice the clean and smooth and healthy skin.

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