5 Most Sexy Visual Feminine Traits That Drive Men Crazy



Probably, men might put forth the feminine things attracting them and what they pay attention to the physical appearance of the women. You might think that big breasts, lips, hips, and smiles are the attractive features of women. But there are more things which a man could pay attention to. Though there are few things that attract men naturally, there are still many other bodily features the opposite sex pays attention to and go crazy for. Let’s check out the following traits of women which men might actually fall for.

LONG WAVING HAIR: Well, this fact of men’s likings for long, silky hair would be known to the people. It is considered that one of the healthy signs of your body is your hair. When a woman is healthy, she shines with the glowing natural skin and healthy hair. This is one of the good signs of being healthy and this automatically attracts men. Imagine your long, silky, and healthy strands of hair waving in the air, which makes your man go crazy and feel the feminine. They would get every chance of looking at you and your hair playing in the air. So, you think before cutting your short next time.

UNIQUE-NATURAL SMELL: Most people know that pheromones are chemical signals released from your body. But very few might know that it is subconsciously used by the people to determine their partner genetically. It is believed that pheromones are able to disclose the different information about a person along with the health of their immune system. Hence, men are able to identify women with the best immune system with the help of a special smell. Even women could sense the healthy level of testosterone in a man with the help of pheromones.

COLOR OF THE TEETH MATTERS: A person’s smile might be attractive but have you ever thought of the reason behind the person’s endearing and charming smile? Well, studies have revealed that the attraction of a person’s smile is due to the impact of attractive teeth. It also exposed that men are clearly attracted to women with brightened teeth. And the reason is because of the idea of “residual reproductive value” irrespective of the age. So, you have several ways to whiten your teeth but you should never use it often. However, you should be highly cautious to prevent your teeth from yellowing.

SQUEAKY TONE OF VOICE: Well, studies have exhibited that men would always wish for female voices, and did you know why? This is because the thin female voices are considered to be young and feminine and also exhibit a higher and healthy level of estrogen. However, high pitched voice is associated with the smaller body size whereas the low voice is commonly associated with masculinity which represents women who are like men would also inhabit this kind of voice. So, when you come across this kind of voice, they would subconsciously think of a well-build strong figure of a man. Perhaps, the thin voice would indicate the small size and helplessness which might be yet another reason for the preference of thin voices by men.

THE CURVE OF THE SPINE: When it comes to the attraction of women in the bodily feature, it is the shapes of the waist which attract them naturally. It is not due to excessive weight but it is due to the changes women bring in the physical appearance naturally. It is said that men are more attractive to the butt which jutting out in the feminine body. This is because of the divine flexure of the spine and the complete beauty lies in the curvy flexure of the spine which thus makes the butt to protrude. Thus, it is portrayed that men are attracted to the flexure of the feminine body and not towards the size of the butt at all.

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