5 Most Weird Facts of Human Body You Should Surely Know About


Check out a few amazing facts about the human body!

The human body is still a mysterious thing that the Creator has made ever. The human body is made of several amazing things that could not be understood easily or never. When it has so many things to surprise, it also has the other side where the human body has been inhabited with several weird things. You could not even believe it you are also made of weird stuff though. However, a human being would completely amaze you as well as gives you a quirky feel. So, here are some weird facts about the human body.

NOSE: Smell is the foremost of the five senses which is directly connected to the brain. Even your nose and sinuses would produce almost one liter of mucus every day and the mucus contain the chemical which keeps your health though. When it comes to tasting food, 80% of tasting is associated with the smell, and also there 14 basic nose shapes. Could you believe it?

SALIVA: Did you know an individual could produce saliva which would fill two tubs a year? Yes! You could do it every year and it might sound completely whacky, right? Also, saliva helps in healing wounds in the mouth than anywhere else in the body. When you are scared or frightened, your saliva production is reduced. Even chewing sugar-free gum would increase the production of saliva and this is actually good for your teeth.

SKIN: Could you imagine that you take 1000 different types of skin? This is because your skin renews itself every 28 days and your skin is responsible for 15% of your body weight. And your skin is home to almost 1000 different species of bacteria as well.

HEIGHT OF THE HUMAN BODY: Here is one of the weirdest things about the human body which is about the height of the human body. This is because your height changes all day. Your heights get varied all through the day by making you appear tall when the day starts and also one centimeter shorter at the end of the day. This is something you haven’t heard, right? Well, the variation in the height might happen because of the discs which get compressed all through the day.

HEART: Did you know your heart is located in the middle of your heart? Yes, it is located behind the breastbone and slightly tilted to the left and so you could able to feel your heartbeat at the left. Still, none knows why the heart is associated with love and a broken heart could feel like a heart attack though. It is said that most of the heart attacks might happen on Mondays as stress hormones are higher on Mondays mornings than any other day. That’s totally uncanny! Surprisingly, horses could mimic the heart rate of the persons who are touching them as per the studies.

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