5 Most Unusual Beauty Tricks That Actually Work Wonders


Of course, you might have had some unusual beauty tricks which might be helpful for you one way or another. At times, those weird tips from your friends or neighbor or even from your grandma would work at its best. If you are seeking something more new and interesting to solve your beauty issues, you could read below to get some strange yet new beauty tricks. Check out the following to know more!

USE CRUNCHY VEGGIES TO WHITEN YOUR TEETH: If you wish to have whiter and stain-free teeth, then you could try some fruit and veggie to make it look brighter and have a confident smile. There might be so many reasons for stained teeth, but still, you could overcome it with crunchy fruits or veggies including apples, celery, and carrots which could be helpful in reducing staining or yellowish color and whiten teeth. The abrasive nature of these crunchy foods could be helpful in cleaning your teeth once after your meal by removing bacteria and dragging stains from your teeth.

USE RAW POTATO TO FADE SCARS: Admit it! Most of us would be struggling to get rid of skin blemishes and acne. It would often never leave the skin without red marks and scars on your skin. So, here is the solution to fade away red marks and facial scars by treating it with potato juice. Even if it sounds unusual, the enzymes in potatoes would be helpful in regulating healthy skin and lowering the scarring. So, you could avoid spending much money on inexpensive products. However, you could simply cut a potato into half and then rub it over by allowing the juice to cover the skin. Eventually, you could witness good results.

USE TOMATO KETCHUP TO REVIVE YOUR BLONDE HAIR: Hey blonde ladies! If you experienced hair dye disaster or if you experiencing chlorine-induced green tones by enjoying too much time in the pool, you could combat green shades and revitalize it with the help of tomato ketchup. Even though it might look weird, you could try it as the red condiment of the ketchup would balance the green in your hair. So, you could apply it over the hair and leave it up to 20 minutes and then rinse it off with shampoo to get shiny and golden hair locks.

USE FLOUR TO AVOID GREASY LOCKS: Using dry shampoo has turned out to be a necessary one in our everyday routine. Well, you might often use it on those hectic days or when you are running out of time as we do not have much time to pamper and style our hair. But then, if you run out of dry shampoo, and seeking a better alternative to it, you could then use a less expensive thing known as flour and cornflour to eliminate greasy roots. All you have to do is to sprinkle some flour onto the scalp and work into the roots. Then, brush through the strands to make sure that the excessive flour has come out.

USE OIL TO CLEAN YOUR FACE: Alas! None would love applying oil on their face, especially if you have oily skin. But then, the non-comedogenic oils would compromise you to apply on your face as it would wash out the pores, lower sebum production and detoxify the skin without even drying out. So, if you wish to do this method of applying oil, you could try your choice of oil by keeping in mind that olive oil being great for dry skin and jojoba oil for acne-prone and oily complexions as well. So, you could just rub it onto the skin for a few minutes and place a warm muslin cloth on your face until it cools. Later, you could wipe out the oil to get a clear and soft texture.

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