5 Phenomenal Foods That Can Boost Your Physical Drive


You might be aware of different aphrodisiac foods and their benefits for your sexual life. You still have to know other foods that help in riling up your libido. We might have consumed some foods and hot drinks in our day to day life but still, we do not know about its superpower. Some intake you have daily has the power of increasing your sexual desires. Though we list out both vegan as well as non-vegetarian aphrodisiacs, here are some missed out foods you might have to add up in your daily diet.

PUMPKIN SEEDS: We might suddenly reminiscence the Halloween month of the year. The decorations of pumpkins make it hella creepy atmosphere. Now, you have this question of how could pumpkin seeds act as an aphrodisiac! This creepy pumpkin has been incorporated with the rich source of zinc which in turn is found to be helpful in enhancing sexual performance, especially in males. It increases the sexual activities by boosting up the testosterone levels. So, you have made use of the pumpkin seeds and you should never throw it off just like that. Use the whole of the pumpkin itself.

CHOCOLATES: Well, you all are aware of chocolates being the symbol of love and it has been one of the famous gifts that is presented to the loved ones. In fact, it is the best of all the other gifts which has been infused with romantic aroma. Surprisingly, Italian scientists revealed that women who consume chocolate regularly would be the beneficiary of higher sexual desire than others. Meanwhile, chocolate consists of phenylethylamine which stimulates the release of the happy hormone dopamine in the brain and is allowed out naturally at the time of sex. However, dark chocolate is considered to be the best choice.

SWEET POTATOES: Do sweet potatoes really help in sexual arousal? It’s gonna be a big YES! The sweetest sweet potatoes have been inhabited with super levels of beta-carotene. This, in turn, is converted into vitamin A by your body and thus proffers the healthy surface linings of the vagina and uterus. Essentially, it is helpful in the production of sex hormones.

COFFEE: We all know that a cup of coffee would make your mind relax and free from stress as well as enhances your mood. Recent research has revealed that caffeine present in the coffee would trigger the sexual drive and it also enhances your mood. So, now a cup of coffee would turn out to be your cup of tea for sex.

RED WINE: Though it has been recognized by some people, red wine has been used less as an aphrodisiac drink. It helps boost up your libido. The study has exhibited that women who drink one or two glasses of hot – red wine would show up with the increasing sexual desires. It is through the presence of flavonoids that red wine helps in enhancing the sexual functioning of the body by hiking up the blood flow in the body.

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