5 Power Packed Foods To Start Your Day With Maximum Benefit



  • Boost yourself in the morning by having certain foods!

You should watch out for what you are eating is something which every one of us should remember. Similarly, you should know what you are eating on an empty stomach as it might impact your health in many ways. Most people use to wonder what to have first in the morning as the stomach is empty. It is highly suggested to drink a glass of water on an empty stomach, isn’t it? Some people might think of consuming orange juices, croissants, and slices of bread which are actually attractive and go-to breakfast. But they are not really healthy to be eaten on an empty stomach as citrus fruits have fruit acids and thus might lead to heartburn as well as acidity. In the same way, slices of bread contain yeast which could affect the lining of the stomach and thus lead to gastric problems. So, below are certain foods that provide maximum benefit when taken on an empty stomach.

PAPAYA: Papaya, as very well-known, is a super-food that would benefit you when you eat it on an empty stomach as it promotes healthy bowel movement. It is easily available and could be added to your daily breakfast as well. Since it is a super-food for the morning, it increases the immune power of your body. However, the fruit would be useful in washing out the toxins of the body and also reduces the bad cholesterol and thus averts heart diseases.

WATERMELON: Naturally, fruits are a healthy choice to be added to breakfast. Watermelon could be all-time favorite fruit that is loved not only on the summer days but also on other days. It consists of 90% water and helps to hydrate your body. Further, it is a better replacement for sugar and is low in calories. Also, the fruit contains high levels of lycopene that improves the health of the heart and eye.

SOAKED ALMONDS: Not yet started inhabiting this healthy method? You gotta try this for countless benefits and energy. As it is loaded with manganese, vitamin E, protein, fiber, omega-3, and 6 fatty acids, almonds are a must-consuming thing. All you need to do is to soak it in the water overnight and peel the almond the next morning and consume it. You should peel off the almonds every time you before eating as it gives the daily dose of nutrition and even sharpens the brain.

NUTS: A Bowl of nuts is actually healthy for your gut and it is good to be added to your breakfast. Stop saying ‘NO’ to nuts as it is a compulsory thing to be taken in the morning. Presently, most of the mothers are trying to feed it to their children every morning as it enhances digestion. So, you could have raisins, almonds, and pistachio in your daily diet or have it on an empty stomach. But excessive intake might lead to pimples and weight gain.

HONEY AND WARM WATER: This almost the oldest thing which many people follow even today as it is highly beneficial when consumed on an empty stomach. As honey is naturally loaded with minerals, vitamins, flavonoids, and enzymes, it is helpful in maintaining a healthy gut. When honey is mixed with warm water, it is thus helpful in detoxifying the body.

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