5 Romantic Indian Honeymoon Destinations More Captivating Than Abroad Locations



Get start your love-bond by selecting great places for your honeymoon!

Return with blissful and merry-giving memories!

Your wedding comes with all bright smiles, happy faces, delectable foods, captivating dresses, and the dream location. Meanwhile, you might be planning for your perfect honeymoon where you could make lovey-dovey memories with your partner to cherish throughout your life. You would be engrossed in choosing the perfect place to spend your happy honeymoon days. Generally, Indians prefer to fly to foreign countries to create their new bond stronger right from there. If you think that foreign countries are the only options for your honeymoon trips, then you are wrong. You could still have several options in India where you could feel the same overseas air. So, you could now save your money and still have fun at your lovable place. Here are a few places for you to select and enjoy your trip with your partner.

FLABBERGASTING COORG: Fill your honeymoon with a refreshing air of hill station, Coorg. Homemade chocolates are at its best here and it makes your days happily sweet with the loving glass of fresh wine. What makes it more beautiful? Having a stupendous view of snow-capped mountains in front of you and pouring your love for each other would provide you the perfect beginning of the new bond. This now definitely instills you the moment of being there in Scotland for holidays. Also, remember Coorg is known for its coffee.

VIBRANT GULMARG: Being a popular destination, Gulmarg is not selected by couples to enjoy their honeymoon. It has not been taken as the perfect love-bonding travel destination by many couples. Believe it or not, it is one of the best places to explore with your partner and get hit with the feelings.  Here, you could come out with traversing Asia’s highest and longest cable car project, Gulmarg Gondola. Apart from this, the snow-clad mountains and the stupefying experience of Kashmir would make your honeymoon more than a startling one for sure.

TRANQUILIZING KHAJJAR: Located at an altitude of 6,500 feet or 1,981 meters above the sea level, Khajjar is the small plateau in Chamba. Embedded with the green valleys, pastoral and calm weather makes it an amazing honeymoon option. However, Khajjar lake, which is surrounded by evergreen deodar forests, is one of the must-visit places to be seen.

FLAMBOYANT LAKSHWADEEP: Probably, you could have heard about the rich blue-marine life of Andaman and Nicobar. And most of the people wish to visit Andaman and Nicobar but do not think of Lakshadweep. You would be amazed to hear about the coral archipelagoes of Lakshadweep. Being one of the treasures, Lakshadweep is the best place to experience the crystal clear water, adventure sports, and rich marine life with your partner. It would definitely add the same feeling of being in Mauritius with a touch of love.

MESMERIZING – ALAPPUZHA: Alappuzha has been already listed on the list of romantic places in the world. With its backwaters, Kerala is naturally filled with a tranquil air. Think of spending your honeymoon with your partner in a houseboat surrounded with back-waters would make your days chill and romantic. Have the touch of Venice right here in South India.

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