5 Simple Ways to make your Romantic life a Steamy one this Winter


A pleasant moment of lovemaking would be the most cherishing things of your life. Well, making love with your loved one seems to be more exciting and you found yourself relaxing. But you might be tired of making it out in the same position every time. You might also find it tedious of hitting the routine thing on the bed. Well, Ladies! You have the power to turn on your man and seduce him in your simple ways. However,  try steamy things a little away from your bedroom. It would never make you as well as your man to feel monotonous instead it would be interesting and you would need it more. So, women, here are few tips to make your sex life a little more interestingly sexier.

ATTRACT HIM VISUALLY: Ladies, you know the attractive ways to stimulate your man. The combination of your curvy body with affection would never go waste. Just grab his attention by your way of intimacy and it would get his complete attention on you. You could seduce him wearing gorgeously hot nightwear which would make him arouse and he would never go off.

BLINDFOLD GAME: Go for a blindfold game! You just blind-fold him and ask him to move around you as he wishes to. The blind-fold touch of him would be more amorous and steamy than you think it is. Every time he touches you, it would be more exciting for you and stimulate him as well when he spots the part of your body.

HAVE CONTROL: You should never think that men should always take initiation and have control in bed. You should also be initiating one as well as you should take control over him too. After all, this is what a man expects from his woman. It is also considered that the position like woman on top is the favorite lovemaking positing for men and it is also beneficial for you.  If you really wanna surprise him, just take control over your man.

TEASE & BUILD UP THE ANTICIPATION: Hey women out there! You have the best weapon to turn him on and it is nothing but the art of teasing. You just start to tease him to make him excited for the night of togetherness. Create anticipation by sending him a text when he is out for official works or other outside stuff. You just express how much you are missing him and how much you are excited to have him by your side tonight. The expectation you create would make him yearn for you.

CUDDLE OUTSIDE THE BEDROOM: At times, the bedroom is not the only romantic place to indulge in lovemaking. Just grab him out of the bedroom and have a lovey-dovey intertwine at the sofa in the hall or in the kitchen or at the dining table. And if you do not want to move out of your room, then go for a standing up position of making out by leaning against the wall of your pleasant room.

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