5 Super Simple Tricks To Take Your Cooking To Next Level

  • No more swiping of your screens to prepare your palatable, favorite dishes!
  • Make it simple and take it to next level.

While are too much into the preparation of foods in your kitchen space, you could definitely wish your dishes to be delectable. So, most of you would rely on a food-based network which would help you to prepare an excellent dish. On other hand, some simple and tricky tips are there to help you finish up your preparation in a second. Let’s check out the following simple and easy tricks to take your cooking to next level.

MAKE YOUR OWN OIL: Preparing oil is easier than you think. All you have to do is to add some sprigs of rosemary or coconut, hot chile-pepper flakes, or garlic to the whole bottle. Now, place it abruptly for at least a day or longer which would bring a better result. Not only coconut or rosemary or garlic, but you could also add anything like hibiscus or any other flower as you wish to enhance your beauty. So, it is good to try your own concoction of oil which would be spreading its aroma high.

PREPARE YOUR OWN SCRUMPTIOUS MAYO: Mayo is the luscious thing ever which you could add to your sandwich or veggie roll or chicken roast. The finger-licking taste would not only be possible at restaurants but you could make it possible at home. But how? Well, you just have to add some of your favorite spice and sprinkle a pinch of cumin or curry powder or pepper as you wish and blend it up. So now, your yummy mayo is ready for a luscious dip.

CREATE YOUR OWN SMOKE: Ever wish to prepare a grill on your own by creating the best atmosphere? If so, purchase some wood chips from your local grocery store and drench the chips overnight which in turn would be waterlogged and start smoke without even catching fire. So, are you ready to prepare your favorite grill bite? Let’s do this! Wrap the chips in a pouch which is made up of aluminum foil and prod some holes in the top. As of now, you could place the meat around the pouch and cook as you do usually so that you would get your favorite mouth-watering smoky grill bite which is prepared on your own.

TRY YOUR OWN GLASS OF VODKA: When it comes to vodka, you might be fallen for a particular flavor. Some of you might have imagined what could be the taste of a vodka sip. Guys, you could now try preparing your own glass of vodka by simply adding some creative ingredients of your choice like figs or oranges or blueberry or lemon or chili pepper or cherry or apple or coffee beans or kiwis or cranberry or strawberry or mango or any other fruit as you like. So, slice fruit and add it into a jar and fill in with vodka and leave to settle for a couple of days or weeks or even a month. This is because the longer you leave it as it is, the more flavor enjoyment you could get.

SPICE UP WITH YOUR OWN VINEGAR: Avoid purchasing vinegar from shops instead prepare your own by using balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. You could bring out the best home-made vinaigrette by tossing some shallots, ginger, or cilantro.

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