5 Surprisingly Powerful Vastu Plants That Shower You Good Luck


Naturally Astonishing Vaastu Plants that shower you Good Luck!

Vaastu plants that bring you peace and prosperity.

Certain plants that shower you good fortune and win you good karma point.

Seemingly, planting a seed is an appreciable habit and watering it and seeing them grow through your own care is something energizing forever. Even certain plants shower you with good health and good luck by all means. Generally, plants can bring positivity and even nurtures the good side of the house. Often, people would look for ‘Vaastu Shastra’ while building a new house whereas they would also look for good fortune. Meanwhile, we have certain plants that bring good luck to your family by placing the plants indoors for prosperity, wellness, and harmonious relationships. Well, Vaastu Shastra is a kind of tradition which offers the energies of the five elements to showers eternal peace and prosperity. So, here is the list of Vaastu plants that showers good luck.

MONEY PLANT: Also known as a strong air purifier plant, the Money plant is a good cleanser and offers energy in the environment. So, it is highly suggested to a place near your TV, computer and even router as it can release the harmful radiation from electronic devices. The best position for a money plant is the southeast corner of your living room and thus it makes sure of good fortune and wipes out the hindrances.

TULSI PLANT: Otherwise known as the Holy Basil plant, the Tulsi plant is known to be an ideal plant. Being a propitious plant, the tulsi plant is helpful in healing coughs and colds and also other ailments. Meanwhile, it relieves toxins from the blood and thus purifies the digestive as well as the circulatory system. It is highly noteworthy in Vaastu Shastra and so you can place a holy basil plant in a pot in the north, east, and northeast of your house, where it gets a lot of sunlight and air as well.

PEONY PLANT: Representing the Divine Feminine or Shakti, the lovely pink or red flowers should be placed in the southwest direction and so it could provide true love and shower the passionately fulfilling relationships. It further proffers good feminine beauty and good reproductive health for women.

LOTUS: Being the national flower of the country, the pink lotus symbolizes the Goddess Lakshmi and Buddha too. As a sacred plant, the lotus is known for its medicinal properties and purity as well. Though it is an unusual choice for houseplants, it offers great peace and prosperity and even offers spiritual enlightenment too when it is placed at any part of your house.

ORCHIDS PLANTS: Well, did you know these beautiful plants bring you prosperity? Yes! They do incite the sense of ideal perfection in people and when you place them in the southwest corner of your house or apartment, you can smell the positive vibes. Meanwhile, these plants offer great pleasures for new parents and newly wedded couples as the plants are so auspicious.

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