5 Unknown Fitness Fun Facts That Will Really Suprise You


These fitness facts may surprise you. Fitness information doesn’t always need to be so serious!

#1. Do you know which is the largest muscle in your body?

The gluteus maximus muscle (buttocks) to be more exact. Good thing we have a ton of great glute-shaping workouts to put it to excellent use. Though this isn’t the strongest muscle.

#2.  Do you know in which way the fat leaves your body?

Breath! Surprised. You have heard that ‘sweat is your fat crying’ but fat is released as carbon dioxide when we exhale. Remember before you start hyperventilating to try to slim down faster, it’s important to note that you can’t just shed fat by breathing it out — you still have to create the caloric deficit that leads to fat loss in order to exhale it away.

There is a bit of truth in “sweat is your fat crying” expression. If the rest of the fat doesn’t turn into carbon dioxide it’s released via bodily fluids like sweat, urine, tears, etc.

#3. Do you know where 25% of your bones are located?

At Your Feet! Each foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints, and over 100 muscles, ligaments, and tendons, with both feet totaling 52 bones, or about 25% of the total bones found in your entire body. You don’t give much attention to feet like any other key areas ms, thighs). Feet the foundation for every vertical movement you do – Your balance, strength, power, and control begins with your feet and they contain muscles that need development too.

#4. Do you know you burn more calories during a single day than during workout?

It sounds funny,  how much importance we place on the calorie burn during our workout time than the movement we do (or don’t do) during the rest of our day. This doesn’t mean a no to regular exercise, definitely regular exercise is great for building strength, stamina, fitness, and improving your overall health. It does burn calories but it’s not going to be the largest amount calorie burn of your day!

Don’t just focus on burning more calories only during every workout session, try to give attention to your calorie burn during the rest of the day. Always stay as active as possible during the day, stand up as often as possible, and take a walk for a minimum of at least 5 minutes or more out of every hour you spend sitting in front of the computer.

#5. Do you know aerobics are even better than specific ‘brain training’ exercises?

According to science aerobic exercise may do much more to help boost thinking than thinking itself.

Exercising regularly stimulates the creation of new neurons in the brain because your brain is no different than any other muscle in your body. Physical activity is beneficial to cognition. This emphasizes the importance of the promotion of physical activity during the lifespan for the prevention of contemporary (obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular) diseases and cognitive decline.

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