5 Ways Being Obese Can Have A Significant Effect While Getting Physical


Well, Your weight plays a major role in satisfying your sex life. What you feel about your body matters the most in your sex life. It is all about your confidence and so you would be ready to experience cloud nine. Either you are gaining weight or not weighing enough has its impact on your sexual pleasure by creating problems such as hormonal imbalance and erectile dysfunction as well. It does not mean that extra weight would make you have a poor sex experience but here are certain negative impacts.

REDUCES YOUR ENERGY: When you are loaded with extra weight, it would affect your performance in the bed. However, you would have the most fun-loving part every time you jump on the bed when you suit-up with sky-rocket confidence. But to some people, overweight could react in other ways such as lowering their energy and motivation. They would even limit their beliefs about ability and desire. So, energy plays a major role in the bed and when your energy and spark go down, you could never enjoy satisfying sex.

RESTRICTS YOUR POSITIONS: When you have extra fat in your body, it would make you limit your sex positions. You would enjoy more sexual pleasure when you are physically fit enough. When you manage your fitness, you would be able to pursue more satisfying sexual pleasure. Most importantly you do not wanna restrict your sex positions when you are fit enough.

CREATES ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION: This is considered to be one of the most common chronic conditions that are faced by men. When men are overweight, they could not have experienced great sexual excitement by arousal. On the other hand, obesity eventually reduces testosterone in men which is not good for your sexual life. You gotta have a healthy weight to maintain good testosterone levels in your body.

NEGATIVE THINKING: When you are uncomfortable with your weight, your mind would eventually rule it. It also makes you concentrate on the other parts of your body which you are confident about. There is nothing to hate about your body completely but you could do what you feel good and awesome in you and move your body to some amazing songs which would make you feel sanguine because all these would for sure make you feel sexier. Fight the negative thoughts by doing your favorite and feel-good things and so you could be happy and feel sexier than ever.

ORGASMS ARE NOT EASY: For both men and women, overweight creates a negative impact by reducing their blood flow to the extreme parts. This is because of the extra weight in your body which causes their blood vessels to narrow and healthy blood flow is not possible to reach an orgasm as per the study. Even being underweight also makes to experience poor climax and also affects the testosterone and libido levels. The hormone is highly essential for the sexual drive without which you could never achieve a better sex life.

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