6 Incredible health benefits of Custard apple you should know


Astounding Health Benefits of Custard Apple!

Custard apples are also known as chermoyas, have owned different types of names depending on the places such as Seethaphal, Seethapazam, etc. They are found mostly in South America, West Indies and some parts of Asia. Most of us don’t consume these because they don’t really like it and only a few people may like the taste of the fruit and wish to eat it again. It looks harder in the exterior and but it provides soft, chewy and white flesh like substance interior. And the pulp has the black shiny seeds which are not to be consumed as they are considered to be poisonous. Custard apple inhabited with high calories and natural sugars is known as the best dessert and as a nutritious snack. The fruits can be consumed in the form of milkshakes, smoothies, desserts, and ice cream or may be added in the mixed fruit jelly ice cream which will make it easy for the children to consume. Here are some benefits of Custard Apple.

Aids in Weight: Custard apples are good for those souls who really want to gain weight. Some might think low of them because of their skinny appearance. So skinny and thin people can consume custard apple which is packed with nutrients. Regular consumption of the fruit will provide an effective result. Do it all in a healthy way instead of pushing yourself into a heavy and stressful workout.

Helps during Pregnancy: Custard apple helps in developing the brain, nervous system and immune system of a fetus effectively. By regularly consuming custard apple, it reduces the risk of miscarriage and lowers the extent of labor pain during childbirth. This wonderful fruit can do wonders for the mother of the baby to get rid of the morning sickness, fight nausea, numbness and mood swings. It also enriches the production of breast milk.

Healthy Skin and Hair: Since custard apple has an enormous amount of Vitamin A, it is great for healthy skin, shiny hair and clear eye vision. It acts as an anti-aging agent and moisturizer. Further, the outer skin of the fruit aids in combating tooth decay and gum pain.

Prevents Cardiac Arrest: The presence of Magnesium in custard apple helps in defending the heart from cardiac arrest. It helps in relaxing the muscles as well as the presence of vitamin B6 in the fruit helps in averting homocysteine collection which also, in turn, minimizes the risk of heart diseases.

Aids in Digestion: The fruit is rich in copper and dietary fiber which helps in assisting the digesting problem. Additionally, it also helps in easing the bowel movement and relieves from constipation. When the pulp of the fruit is allowed to be dried in the sun, it can be crushed into powder and consumed in the form of liquid by adding water to the powder which helps in curing diarrhea.

Cures Anemia: Custard Apple acts as a stimulant, coolant, and haematinic. Further, it is rich in iron which is helpful in treating anemia. This curative also helps in controlling and treating diabetics and averting asthma.

Just start consuming the curative fruit and lead a healthy life!

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