6 Amazing Proven Health And Beauty Benefits of Raw Garlic


Impressive Benefits of Raw GARLIC!

Garlic is naturally a strong-smelling, pungent tasting herb that is known for its excellent health benefits. It is because garlic contains allicin and helps in developing a healthy body. Garlic is also closely related to the onion and is natively found in Central Asia. It has been used as a food flavoring agent for thousands of years and is well-known for its traditional and alternative medicinal qualities as well. The medicinal herb is very low in calories, saturated fats, and sodium. It is further packed with a number of minerals and is also a rich source of vitamin A, B-vitamins, vitamin C, and vitamin K. Garlic is known for its medicinal properties to stomach related problems. It also provides many other health benefits to the human body.

DECREASES HYPERTENSION: Garlic is a herbal ingredient inculcated with many medicinal properties and often used to lower high blood pressure. When the body is exposed to high levels of pressure, a substance known as nitric oxide relaxes the blood vessels and makes them dilate. It also battles against thrombosis by decreasing the platelet aggregation.

INCREASES HEART HEALTH: Garlic is said to have cardioprotective properties which in turn helps in preventing diseases like atherosclerosis, hyperlipidemia, thrombosis, hypertension, and many other health issues. And so, with this particular property, it will boost the health of the heart.

LOWERS CHOLESTEROL LEVELS: Raw garlic is rich with allicin compound as mentioned earlier, which will definitely prevent bad cholesterol from oxidizing. A few kinds of research has shown that consuming raw garlic reduces cholesterol levels and triglycerides.

BOOSTS DIGESTION: Consumption of raw garlic daily and by adding it in your diet treats digestive problems. Even problems like inflammation or irritation of the gastric canal may be reduced by the intake of this herb. Additionally, it treats intestinal problems such as dysentery, diarrhea, and colitis. It naturally wipes out the worms and doesn’t affect the good bacteria. It not only treats digestive problems but also helps in relieving the stomach gas. And so it is used for gastric problems and is known as a natural medicine for these problems.

REGULATES BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL: Consuming raw garlic obviously reduces the blood sugar levels in the body. And so, it is literally a magical herb to those suffering from diabetes or at risk of developing it.

AVERTS ACNE: Yet another benefit of garlic is, it can be used as a natural remedy for preventing or treating acne. It can be mixed along with honey, cream, and turmeric which can be used as a home remedy to vanish acne and scars. This miraculous herb is an effective skin cleanser and an antibiotic substance which helps in treating many skin issues like skin rashes, psoriasis, cold sores, and blisters. It also acts as an anti-aging herb as it protects the skin from various other disorders.

A few other health benefits are it reduces asthma, increases the libido, treats hair loss and increases bone health.  Intake of raw garlic will help you to dive over most of your health issues.

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