6 Astonishing Beauty Benefits of Calendula Nobody Told You Before


What’s calendula? Well, you might think calendula is something else but it is a kind of flower which you could not recognize. However, you might recognize it by the name of marigold which is associated with its own health and beauty benefits. Commonly known as Marigold, Calendula is an amazing herb for nourishing your skin. It has even used in many skin care products which could be effective. So, check out the following effective beauty benefits of calendula or marigolds.

HEALS THE SKIN IRRITATION: With the help of anti-inflammatory properties, Calendula is helpful in soothing the skin and fastens the healing process. It has even used in producing medicines to heal skin-related issues like irritation and burns. It would also be helpful in treating skin redness.

TREATS DRY AND DAMAGED SKIN: Highly helpful in hydration, calendula treats the dry and damaged skin. It would act as a moisturizer as well as skin plumpness and softness. It would then treat dry and chapped lips as well.

ENHANCES SKIN TEXTURE: With the help of antioxidants, calendula helps in making the skin’s health. It is these antioxidants that fight against free radicals that spoil the health of the skin. It would thus helpful in stimulating the healthy skin cells thereby increasing the cell turnover. This is how calendula helps in improving the texture of the skin.

AVERTS PREMATURE AGING: The symptoms of premature aging like wrinkles and fine lines would scare you. But you could overcome it with the help of the calendula. It contains regenerative properties which in turn deals with dry or damaged skin. This process of healing would thus be helpful in averting premature aging. Marigolds would improve collagen production which protects your skin from premature aging and provides a youthful look to your skin.

PREVENTS AND TREATS DANDRUFF: If you use calendula oil or hair product which infused calendula, it would moisturize and hydrate your scalp. It would also control itchiness and dryness. So, it would thus seal the dandruff issue.

WORKS AS A NATURAL DYE: You might go to a parlor and spend much to get the expected hair dye. But you could simply wash your hair with calendula tea which would provide you a golden tone or red tone as per your original hair color. This is completely natural, and there would be no chemicals. However, calendula tea could treat dryness and frizziness of hair and makes it soft and silky.

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