6 Beautiful Secrets For Seductive Smokey Eyes


Smoke Show Smokey Eyes To Turn Heads

The world’s and India’s obsession with dark rimmed smudgy black eyes is definitely not a new one, it’s one that has been prevalent for centuries together. From Ancient Egypt to modern day models walking the cat walk the dark lined eyes have always been, as it girl culture terms it, on trend. And why shouldn’t it be? It’s mysterious, alluring, defining and most definitely attractive. More recently the idea of using kohl for clear cut wings and heavily defined lids has been shunned for a more casual- I woke up like this look: the smokey eye.

Dubbed The Little Black Dress of makeup, the smokey eye look is one that is here to stay and what luck, because it is super easy to do with barely any special tools required.

To do a classic smokey eye you will need: A black liner- kohl , An eye shadow brush, Moisturizer or eye cream, A Q-tip, Mascara and a Liquid liner


#Prep your eye by using eye cream or moisturizer on your lids and under your eyes. Massage the cream in using your ring finger as that is the most gentle of your fingers. An optional step that can be taken now is to apply concealer as a primer. However one major advantage of the smokey eye look is the fact that dark circles to an extent can be incorporated into the make up look, adding to the devil may care attitude one aims for with this look.

#Using your black liner line your eyes following the lash lines carefully. Layer until you have the desired amount of pigment applied on your eyes.

#Using your eye shadow brush smudge the liner, the moisturizer applied on the lids and under the yes will allow the pigment to blend as desired. Keep blending till you achieve the desired effect. Remember it does not have to be perfect- the entire point of the smokey eye look is a sultry, well rested vibe.

#You can use the Q-tip dipped in moisturizer to make any necessary corrections like a desired wing at the corners or erasing unnecessary pigment in the wrong areas.

#Use generous coats of mascara on your lashes for extra definition.

#Using your liquid liner define the top of your yes to reduce the look of ambiguity well blended pigment can give off.

It’s important to note that a black liner is not the be all and end all of the smokey eye. You can use glitter, metallic shadows and dark blues. For a more subdued everyday look you can use less imposing colours like browns and greys which are known to be used for a more youthful look.

It is also important to consider the eye-lip rule when doing the smokey eye. If your eyes are dramatic the rest of your face, especially your lips must be more understated than anything else.  A nude lip with light blush or bronzer would have to be the go-to look when doing a smokey eye.

The incredible thing about the smokey eye is how basic it is yet it is perfectly able to adapt to versatility- skin tones from olive to brown to pale can all rock this look without any apprehension.

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