6 Greatest Benefits of Consuming The Holi Drink THANDAI


Most of you might be familiar with Thandai as it has been associated with Holi. Being a sweet drink, it is prepared with almonds, pepper, cardamom, saffron, khus-khus, and saunf which would help provide instant energy. It would offer you several benefits right from elevating the mood to balancing the hormones as the drink is loaded with antioxidants. Turned out to be a summer special drink, Thandai could be a gut-friendly one as it would help in a better digestion process. So, let’s check out the following possible benefits that thandai could serve us.

DEVELOPS ENERGY: Thandai is incorporated with elements that would naturally act as a shield to protect your entire body from the scorching summer sun. When you add watermelon and pumpkin seeds to thandai drink, it would immediately develop your energy. If you wish you could add nuts such as almonds and pistachios, it would help offer the satiate feel and refresh your body entirely by boosting up the energy.

TREATS FLATULENCE: The presence of anti-inflammatory properties in the thandai drink would help cool down your body during the summer. It would also be essential in treating flatulence. And also, the fennel seeds are great in offering better digestive health.

ENHANCES DIGESTION: As mentioned above, thandai is known for digestive benefits. When thandai is also served along with rose petals, it could help beat the heat with the help of fennel seeds as it is one of the ingredients. This amazing combination of rose petals and fennel seeds would kick start healthy digestion in your body. When your digestive system is working properly, it would definitely offer better stomach health.

GETS RID OF CONSTIPATION: Thandai is also incorporated with poppy seed which when consumed would get rid of gastrointestinal irritation and even averts and treats constipation. Since the poppy seeds a great source of protein, fiber, calcium, fat, and minerals, they are extremely beneficial in increasing the immune power of the body as well.

COMBATS INFECTIONS: As the celebration drink contains mishri crystals, it would add a sweet taste to the drink thereby averting and treating cough, cold, and throat infection. It would extremely helpful in battling summer infections due to the heat of the sun.

NATURAL CLEANSER: When you add cardamom to thandai, it would automatically act as a detoxifier for your body. If you sip a glass of this energy-boosting drink, it would cleanse your body and even curbs the nauseating feel and vomiting as well. This is how it would also be effective in destroying any infection.

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