6 Most Phenomenal Ways To Stop Hair Loss In Men


Hair loss is not only the toughest issue to deal with women but also a major as well as a common issue for men out there. Sadly, many youngsters complain about increasing hair loss and how to reduce it. Present days, youngsters are worrying over hair loss as it gives them a thought of going bald in the future. Maintaining hair goes with both men and women and not only for women. Hey handsome! Here are a few ways to reduce hair loss in men.

MILD SHAMPOO WASH REGULARLY: When you wash your hair regularly, it would prevent your hair and scalp clean. Also, it would reduce the risk of infections and dandruff which thus lead to hair breakage or loss.

USE ESSENTIAL OILS FOR SCALP MASSAGE: If you are experiencing hair loss for some time, then you gotta massage your scalp with some essential oils such as almond or sesame oil for few minutes. It would help your hair follicles to remain active.

DO NOT BRUSH THE WET HAIR: If your hair is wet, then avoid brushing it. This is because it is in its weakest state and so it should be avoided. Even if you are in a hurry and have the idea of combing your wet hair, then try using a wide-toothed comb. This would reduce hair loss eventually.

STAY HYDRATED: The hair shaft required one-quarter of the water and so drink enough water throughout the day to stay hydrated. This would help your hair to grow healthy.

REDUCE DRINKING ALCOHOL AND SMOKING: When you experience excessive hair loss and if you have the habit of boozing and smoking, then you gotta avoid it. As drinking alcohol could reduce hair growth, you should lower the intake of alcohol to see yourself with healthy hair growth. However, smoking even reduces the amount of blood that naturally flows to the scalp, and thus hair loss happens. So, reduce your alcohol intake and smoking if you do not wanna go bald.

DO KNOW WHAT IS BAD FOR THE HAIR: If you wanna worry less on your hair, then you have got to take care of your hair. So, try to know what is bad for your hair and avoid doing it. For instance, just avoid rubbing your hair dry with a towel instead you could let it dry naturally after a bath.

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