6 Power Packed Health Benefits of Clove Tea You Should Know


Sipping a hot cup of tea would clear your mind and it provides a better start to the day. You could have tried different tastes of tea which would proffer various benefits. Have you ever prefer clove tea to any other teas? If not, you should have to try it as it provides amazing health benefits. Even though cloves are known to be found permanently in every Indian kitchen, people did not recognize the health benefits it offers for the body. So, here are some of the secret health benefits of clove tea.

TREATS FEVER: As clove tea is rich in magnesium, vitamin E, vitamin K, it becomes the best healthy drink. Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, clove tea is useful in warding off bacterial infection. It would reduce your body temperature and boosts immunity levels due to the presence of antipyretic nature.

GIVES RELIEF FROM SINUS INFECTION: If you are suffering from a congested chest or sinus, you could try consuming a cup of warm clove especially in the morning as it would clear the infections and relieves the sinus quickly. The presence of eugenol would turn clove into a robust agent to wipe out the congested phlegm and it would spread warm around the area.

DESTROYS INTESTINAL PARASITES: Ever since ancient times, clove tea is known to destroy intestinal parasites. Along with the presence of anti-inflammatory compounds, clove tea is helpful in destroying parasites from the body and relieves the symptoms such as abdominal pain and stomach upset.

EASES ARTHRITIC PAIN: You could try ice-cold clove tea to compress for effective relief from arthritis and its agonizing pain. Being known as powerful analgesic agents, cloves are helpful in relieving joint pain, muscle pain, swelling, and ligament injury. However, you could apply the compress for 20 minutes twice or thrice every day to get rid of arthritic pain.

GETS RID OF GUM PAIN AND TOOTHACHE: The presence of anti-inflammatory components is helpful in aiding the swelling of gums. And if you are suffering from toothache or gum pain, you could gargle your mouth with warm clove tea which could be highly effective. Clove tea could be helpful in washing away the bacteria from your mouth as it helps in quick relief from toothache and gum pain.

WORKS AS A NATURAL SANITIZER: The current pandemic situation has made the use of sanitizer, a must thing. You might be using different commercial sanitizers but you might not have realized the ingredient in your kitchen which would act naturally as a sanitizer. All you need is to pour clove tea on your hands and rub it all over. It would create friction as it would aid in cleansing the dirt as well as bacterial accumulation on the skin. Moreover, it does not have any side effects like any other commercial sanitizers.

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