7 Foods to avoid if you are combating PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome


Are you missing your monthly cycle? Struggling hard with your body? Well, you might have even consulted a doctor by now. And if you are suffering from PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, then it would be highly exasperated to live with it. Women who suffer from it could relate to it. PCOS is now a common health problem faced by many women of reproductive age. This health condition is nothing but a hormonal disorder that causes issues in the ovaries and thus paves the way to irregular periods or menstruation. Howbeit, you could minimize the effect with the help of diet and regular exercises. While your diet chart is filled with veggies, fruits, lentils, and others, you still should know what not to eat or avoid. Read on to know more in detail!

MEAT PRODUCTS OR USUAL MEATS: Of course, each human loves to eat the finger-licking fried and crispy chicken. For women who are fond of meats, it would be tough for you to give up on it completely but you still know how it has been coming to your plate. This would definitely evoke PCOS in your body. It is better to avoid it or reduce the consumption of meat or select organic and lean meats that are hormone-free. Also, you could go for skinless poultry and free-range eggs. It is all about how you are choosing your meals.

CAFFEINATED DRINKS: If you are an ardent fan of caffeinated drinks, we are sorry as you have to avoid it or minimize the consumption of it. Well, the reason behind this that excessive intake of caffeine would worsen infertility much more in PCOS. As caffeine is a diuretic in nature, it would flush away all the necessary minerals such as magnesium which in turn is an essential micronutrient for the health of hormone.

MILK: You might have been shocked to see milk under this list but then you have to limit the intake of milk if you are frustrated with PCOS. As the regular cow’s milk has antibiotics, estrogen, and bovine growth hormones that are injected into the cow for the betterment of milk production, it would create unnecessary hormonal problems, insulin resistance, and other health problems as well. So, it is good to avoid dairy products as much as you could since it could lead to imbalances in hormones.

SUGARY FOODS: Avoiding sugar foods is essential if you are in the process of losing weight or suffering from diabetes. Similarly, you have to ditch it completely if you are suffering from PCOS. It is advisable to avoid the intake of sweetened juice, soda, and syrup, and even sugar-based cereals, cakes, and other food items infused with sugar. You have alternatives for sugar and so go for it.

SODIUM-RICH FOODS: Here it comes – the salty food items! Curb the consumption of ready-to-eat-soups, sauces, chips, and salted nuts as these foods incorporate high salt content. So, watch your daily intake of sodium as it should never increase beyond the limit.

WHITE-FLOUR INFUSED FOOD ITEMS: Bread, cereals, muffins, cookies, and fried snacks items including samosas and even puffs are made up of white flour and you gotta avoid it ladies if you are battling PCOS.

ALCOHOL: If you have the habit of boozing, you just have to make it moderate and even giving up totally would be better. The consumption of alcohol would create complications in the metabolism of estrogen and worsening PCOS as well.

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