7 Most promising home remedies to deal with Insomnia


While you are working as if a machine all day, you have got to take enough rest which makes you available and ready for the next day. But most people found difficult falling asleep and some even complaint of insomnia. Well, insomnia could be caused due to different reasons such as an acute or chronic illness, overwork, intense worries, constipation, improper digestion and unhealthy eating habits. So, you might have approached several things to get rid of insomnia. Above all, you have relax your mind which has a great impact on your sleeping patterns. But here are some useful home remedies which would naturally help you to get better sleep.

AVOID ELECTRONIC-THINGS BEFORE BED: Do not scroll your mobile when you hit the bed or before. Avoid using any of the electronic gadgets two hours before you go to bed. This is because the blue light emerging from the screen would directly affects the sleep-aiding hormone melatonin production. This is why your parents are yelling at you to shut the mobile phones at night.

TRY PRACTICING YOGA AND MEDITATION: When you practice simple and yoga poses or breathing techniques right before hitting the bed, it could be helpful in relaxing your muscles and thus induces sound sleep. You would never know the real power of yoga or meditation until you experience it.

SOOTHING MASSAGE: Studies show that people could combat insomnia with the help of effective massage as it could improve sleeping quality as well as daytime dysfunction. You could even do self-massage or allow your partner or friend to massage you as it would also lower the feelings of pain, anxiety, and depression. You could also use any essential oils for a good massage.

EXPOSURE OF SUNLIGHT: Getting sunlight is one of the effective sleeping treatments. If you are experiencing sleepless nights, then you might need to get enough light in the morning. So, when you go for a walk for about 30 minutes, it would highly beneficial in your sleeping patterns. Get most out of light during late afternoon by experiencing relaxful walk which would increase the production of melatonin and thus provides sound sleep.

HAVE A GLASS OF MILK: When you have a glass of milk, it would produce the sleep-inducing hormone called melatonin. By sipping a glass of milk, you could beat insomnia.

TRY OUT THIS EFFECTIVE AMALGAMATION: All you have to do is to prepare a bedtime drink at home with fresh mint leaves. Try boiling 3 grams of fresh mint leaves in a cup of water for about 15 to 20 minutes. You could add a teaspoon of honey to it as well. Now, you could consume this natural amalgamation in lukewarm before getting under the bedsheet.

DO EXERCISES: Try to practice a favourite sport or workout for an hour or half an hour every day which provides enough energy for you. However, Early morning workout is extremely beneficial for your body. You should never forget the impact of yoga which could help you combat insomnia.

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