7 Most Unbelivable Things That Hurt Your Heart


When you are inactive or living in the absence of physical activity, you know it would definitely gonna collapse your health. Most people would deliberately ignore this fact and continue to do what they are doing. However, the combination of an unhealthy diet and less physical activity would create the risk of heart diseases. Similarly, certain things would also hurt your cardiovascular system which might actually be astonishing things to learn about. So, check out the following facts about the heart.

STUCK IN THE TRAFFIC: You might be thinking about how traffic could affect heart health. But if you ask someone who got stuck in long traffic could be stressful to them as they might have to be on time for their work and it’s getting delayed just because of the annoying traffic. This might lead to cardiac arrest as the high noise levels and the delayed stress connected to it. It would be better if you avoid the stress by listening to some calm music or chat with a fellow passenger or someone nearby.

OCCURRENCE OF EARLY MENOPAUSE: If a woman happens to experience menopause at the early stage of life, then there might be a chance for heart attack or stroke than those who experience it later stage. So ladies, have a body checkup if you have experienced menopause at the early stage.

A MELANCHOLY MARRIAGE LIFE: When you are happy with your marriage life, your heart would be automatically happy and healthy as well. When it comes to older couples, if they are content in their togetherness, then they might have a lower risk of heart disease than the others as per the studies. And if couples are not happy with their unions and stressed out, then they are most likely to deviate from the healthy track of life and choose to have unhealthy ways thereby creating space for heart diseases. So, it is good to sort out things that are not working between you and your partner.

ARE YOU LONELY? It is well-known fact that when you spend time with your loved ones, you would feel relaxed and serene thereby eliminating stress. This might lead to an encounter with heart disease. So, if you are feeling lonely, just get connected with someone you are close to or the best way is to adopt a dog or cat and spend time with it. By doing so, your heart would be healthy and happy.

SNORING: If your partner is complaining to you about snoring, then you must visit your doctor as it might even lead to a serious health condition called apnea. This happens when your air passage is partially blocked and it might make you have pauses in your breathing. This condition is connected to high blood pressure, an irregular heartbeat, strokes, and heart failure. So, it is better to get treatment as it would be helpful for you to breathe easier and improves your heart health.

POOR SLEEP: If you are experiencing a poor sleeping time of fewer than 6 hours, then it would never give any good to your health but it would increase the risk of higher blood pressure and cholesterol as well. You would also happen to experience obesity and diabetes which are connected to heart diseases. So, you should at least get some 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night.

NIGHT SHIFT WORK: If you are someone working at night or irregular hours, then it might increase your chance of heart attack as per the study. This is because night shift works harm the circadian rhythm of the body which might, in turn, hurt your heart as per the researchers. However, if you are working night shifts, then take extra care of your health to reduce the risk of heart diseases by getting some exercise and healthy exercises.

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