8 Astounding Sexy ‘At-Home Spa’ Treatments For The Beautiful You


Stressful week at work? Tension taking over you? Here are some easy at-home spa tips to distress and decompress:

When you get back home from a stressful day at work and you feel like you’re hanging on alone thread ready to snap at any moment while your purse strings are tightly strung and even the thought of visiting your salon seems like a luxury it is understandable why you would fret.

However, there is a solution and it’s quite easy albeit a little extra effort on your side is required. The at-home spa tradition is one that is slowly gaining a lot of attention in mainstream culture off late as a part of the “treat yo’ self” saga. Why pay inordinate amounts of money to an institution (indirectly causing more tension in your system if you cannot afford such luxuries) to relax when you can do it yourself in the comfort of your own home.

# In a spa, it is routine to engage all five senses in the experience. The first to consider would have to be sight. This one is easy a dark, cool room is the spa staple. You can use an eye mask to create the illusion of darkness or if that’s not for you just make sure your surroundings are pristine and minimalistic with only the essentials for your at-home spa experience.

# For smell get some scented candles at your favorite home décor store or incense sticks (Auroville has a great selection) in whatever scent you gravitate toward. A recent option is the scent diffuser which disperses the fragrance of essential oils in the air creating the ideal setting for the perfect kind of aromatherapy. Beware of overpowering scents like musk or citrus scents as too much exposure to such fragrances for long periods of time can make you feel overwhelmed. Light, airy scents like lemongrass, lavender, or cotton flower would be ideal.

# To engage the sense of taste one can prepare a warm herb concoction to detox the body while simultaneously arousing the taste palette. A cooler option for those living in sunnier tropical climates would be iced water with slices of fruit like lemon, kiwi, etc to add flavor to the drink while staying healthy.

# Play soft, relaxing music calm yourself through the sense of hearing. While some find the sound of death metal relaxing it is not the best idea for this kind of setting.

# The sense of touch is explored through the entire spa experience. Run a warm bath with Epsom salts and dried flower petals if you’re feeling fancy to soak in. This will immediately relax the muscles in your body- it is not the best substitute for a professional massage but it definitely does do the trick. Use an effective serum, preferably with Vitamin C and E active ingredients in it. The serum will work miracles on your skin aided by the steam from the bath.

# If you plan on washing your hair use a hair mask. Make it at home with nourishing ingredients like curd and castor oil. Use a warm towel to wrap your head once you have applied the mask for maximum effect.

# Once you are out of your warm bath use ice cubes you massage your face. This will close the pores that have opened during the bath due to steam and will promote blood circulation.

# End your spa routine with a deep moisturization routine using thick creamy formulas made of ingredients like shea butter on your body. Massage your face with a good night cream and go to bed while the creams work their magic through the night.

You are guaranteed to wake up the next morning refreshed and relaxed.

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