8 Incredible Health Benefits of Radish or Mooli You Probably Didn’t Know


Of course, everyone knows very well about this vibrant veggie in white and slight purple shade – radish. Native to China, it is now cultivated in different parts of the world and spread its benefits all over the world. As radish is a great source of nutrients like vitamins, folic acid, antioxidants, and anthocyanins, it could help combat various diseases. Even the vitamins in radishes could be useful in treating skin disorders as well as improves the health of the hair. It would also enhance the functioning of the body like the functions of the liver and gall bladder. So, let’s check out the wonderful and effective benefits of radish.

ENHANCES THE IMMUNITY OF THE BODY: Since radish is rich in antioxidants, it could help protect your body by battling free radicals and cell damage. This is because the presence of antioxidants would strengthen the immune system of your body.

PREVENTS CANCER: Again with the help of antioxidants, radish could help shield your body from oxidation reactions and by-products. This would thus help protect your body from the harmful cancerous effect and averts other fatal diseases as well.

BOOSTS THE METABOLISM: Like other essential nutrients, radish is also rich in dietary fiber content. This would help improve your digestion process and make it function properly. It would also make sure to stimulate healthy metabolism in your body. The fiber content would do more magic for your tummy’s health and make you satiated for a longer time. Surprisingly, this process would also offer you better skin.

PREVENTS AND TREATS ANEMIA: An enormous amount of iron present in radish would definitely provide a great impact on the blood and the overall functioning of the heart. As iron is highly beneficial in maintaining healthy cells, skin, hair, and nails, it must be added to your diet. It would treat and prevent anemia that occurs due to a deficiency of iron in the body. However, consuming iron-rich food every day would help enhance the overall functioning of your body and provides better health.

SUPPORTS WEIGHT LOSS: To our surprise, radish could be helpful in weight loss. The higher water content and non-digestible carbohydrates would make it happen for you. So, start consuming radish as it would be effective in preventing excessive calories and fat accumulation in the body.

DETOXIFIES THE BODY: Being a natural laxative, radish cleanses the body by flushing out the waste products through the colon and kidney. As mentioned before, it would be helpful in digestion by impelling the production of bile.

KEEPS THE SKIN HYDRATED: The water content of the veggie helps keep your body hydrating throughout the day and this would in turn combat dry and flaky skin too. Moreover, the presence of water along with vitamin C, phosphorus, and zinc would make your skin look fresh for a long time.

CURBS HAIR FALL: When start consuming radish regularly, it would help you combat hair fall issues. Also, you could apply the juice of black radish to your scalp and hair strand which would naturally stimulate hair growth by reinforcing the roots. This would thus be effective in curbing hair loss.

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