8 Magical Beauty Benefits of Dates For Your Skin And Hair


Dates are highly beneficial for your health and it has been praised for its nutrients. Who else could dump dates? None. Dates are power-packed with essential nutrients, which is why it has been included in everyday diet. This flavorful and chewy small fruit is extremely beneficial for your skin and hair as well. Could you believe it? If not, note down to appreciate its beauty benefits. Let’s check out the following surprising beauty benefits of dates.

EXFOLIATE THE SKIN: This flavorful fruit is useful as a skin exfoliator. To exfoliate your skin, you have to warm a half cup of milk and soak the dates by adding it into the milk. Later, add semolina too. Now, apply this mixture and scrub gently on your skin for a few minutes and wash it off.

TREAT SUNBURN: With its rich nutrients, dates could help treat sunburn. Also, the presence of antioxidants would act as a shield for your skin to be protected from free radicals and harmful UV rays. This is how it would be preventing the skin from early aging.

OVERCOME BLACKHEADS: Loaded with vitamin A, Dates help overcome skin issues and eliminate the dead skin cells as well. It would also treat blackheads by helping you to own healthy and glowing skin.

ENHANCE THE SKIN ELASTICITY: Dates contain vitamin C and flavonoids which are helpful in enhancing the elasticity. Since the fruit promotes the quality of subcutaneous tissues that make the skin smooth and soft.

HEAL SCARS, CUTS, AND STRETCH MARKS: As dates are rich in anti-microbial properties, it would be perfectly helpful in healing the cuts and scars on the skin. Even the rich content of vitamin B helps nourish the skin and diminish the stretch marks. The fruit is also highly known for its regenerating and rejuvenating skin.

MOISTURIZE THE SKIN: The chewy fruit is useful in moisturizing the skin when used as a paste and applied on the skin directly. Leave the paste on your skin for a few minutes and wash it off. It would eventually proffer soft and supple skin as a result.

TAKE OUT EXCESSIVE OIL FROM THE HAIR: When you use the fusion of jojoba oil, dates oil, and olive oil on your scalp, it could help hydrate your roots. If you get massaged with it, then leave it for an hour and then wash it off. Do this once in a month and you could feel the nourished scalp by treating oily hair.

VOLUMIZES THE HAIR: With the help of vitamin C, dates are extremely beneficial for hair follicles as it would provide you strong mane. All you have to do is to soak a few dates overnight and grind it to get a fine paste and you could also add egg whites to it. Now, apply it on the scalp and hair and keep the rest of the mixture aside. Okay, let it settle for five minutes and go for the first rinse and then use the remaining mixture and wash it off with water.

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