8 Mind Blowing Japanese Beauty Secrets Revealed For You


Have you ever wondered how Japanese women’s skin is always healthy and glowing?

Here are a few Japanese beauty secrets for you.

rice-finalRice: Rice is the most popular Japanese beauty secrets. Japanese women use rice water to cleanse their face and also face mask. This gives smooth and glowing skin.

Note: Soak rice in the water and leave it for twenty minutes. Then separate the water and rice. Store the water in a bottle or you can also use the boiled rice water.

fishFish: This is included in their daily staple diet. Fish is rich in Omega-3 this promotes healthy and glowing skin.

orange-finalVitamin C: Japanese women always included Vitamin C in their daily diet ie., Orange. Intake of orange helps dioxide and breaks up melanin. This is a vital secret of their fair and even complexion.


Walking: Japanese people are health conscious. They also know the goodness of walking and it tightens the skin.


Green Tea: Japanese drink a few cups of green tea every day. This helps slow down aging and gives a youthful, supple and spot-free skin.

adzukiAdzuki: It’s a red bean, an ancient ingredient and it is a part of the Japanese skincare regime. This helps to exfoliate the skin to remove dead cells by giving smooth skin.


Bird dropping: This is Japanese unusual beauty secrets. It’s being used since the 17th century by geisha and kabuki. Its facial treatment that brightens the skin, treats wrinkles both caused by sun or age.


Wooden Comb for hair: Japanese women pay extra attention for their hair. They only use handmade wooden combs. This held keeps the hair well moisturized, strong, healthy and shiny.

Try some of these beauty tips and tell us your feedback. For visible results, you got to wait for a couple of weeks!

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