Ace your pregnancy and postpartum with The Mom Store


The Mom Store is an online platform that deals with maternity and infant clothing and accessories. The company is less than two years old and has seen its business grow over 200 percent between April to August 2020 as compared to the same time last year. The founder also attributes this exponential growth to the lockdown.


The founder also says that the journey hasn’t been a cakewalk with severe lockdown restrictions in place, non-availability of workers, and despite which the company could increase the number of vendors from 10 to 15.

The company has seen a surge in the demand for its products even before the pandemic hit and post that since people were confined to homes, it became a thing to shop online as it became difficult to step outside. The company also utilized the first 1.5 months of the lockdown to add more categories of products that turned out fruitful for the brand.

All about online presence:

The Mom Store’s growing number of Instagram followers is numbered at 91,000 as of today. The company also has a good following on Facebook and enjoys over 1,000,000 page visits on its website every month. In addition to having customers in every Indian state, The Mom Store sells products in over five countries. The startup has been growing at a rapid rate of 20% to 30% each month.


The Mom Store offers a wide range of products like maternity clothing, nursing covers, maternity loungewear and ethnic, etc. Under the infant section, they offer products like cloth diapers, baby rompers, infant clothing, diaper bags, baby blankets, feeding bibs, and so much more.

The Mom Store was founded by Surabhi Bhatia in 2018 and is headquartered in Bangalore. The vision behind the startup was to provide new-age mothers and their babies the best products. By selling such products, The Mom Store expected to let mothers celebrate their journey right from pregnancy till early motherhood. The brand has served 50,000 customers to date.

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