The big C has put a lot of new responsibilities on the Management of residential communities. They are responsible for maintaining an up-to-date database of Owners & Tenants, sending out quick communication on evolving norms. They have to be ready with emergency management, and must have vendor contacts to bring Essential Services to the doorsteps of residents so they don’t have to step out!

We are living amidst a new world order today. Within months, residential communities, apartment complexes, housing societies, and gated communities have witnessed a sea change in management guidelines. Today, the priority of all MCs/RWAs is to keep the residents safe, healthy and their essential needs fulfilled.

ADDA, The Apartment SuperApp has launched its ESSENTIAL version to assist residential communities to organize themselves in fighting the virus.

While the ADDA ERP and ADDA Gatekeeper products run on Subscription payment, the ESSENTIAL package of ADDA is being extended Free of Cost to all Residential Communities. This can be especially useful for RWAs of layouts who do not collect any funds from Residents.

On the ADDA ESSENTIAL package, the RWA can keep the Online Private Database of all Owners and Tenants in their Community. They have an Official Communication module so don’t have to juggle multiple Whatsapp groups.

Besides the Communication module, users can also enjoy the benefits of the Discover platform and Panic Alert. In the wake of COVID-19, Discover has evolved to become a bridge between local essential suppliers (groceries, pet food, medicines) and users. The Discover feature only shows vendors who provide service to the users’ Pincode, hence no last-minute service request cancellations. Panic Alert is a vital feature allowing users to configure an SOS list of contacts of friends or neighbors. A three-second tap of the Help button right on the home screen immediately alerts the SOS contacts. It also gives access to Emergency Contacts uploaded by the MC/RWA. The user has easy access to contact numbers of the nearest police station, ambulance service, hospital, gas delivery agents, etc.

To keep human to human contact at the bare minimum, in-house delivery hubs are starting to trend in apartment communities and residential layouts. But what of the problem of mixing up packages? ADDA’s In-house delivery hub feature comes in handy to ensure no mistakes.

Venkat Kandaswamy, Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder of ADDA say,” ADDA as a company exists to connect all Residents living in Residential Communities.

In today’s environment, Social Distancing has further increased the distance between next-door neighbors, the ADDA app can bring all the neighbors together on one platform.

We have seen how misinformation can lead to loss of lives and also put not just the individual person or his family, but the entire Apartment Community at risk. Timely dissemination of vital information, rules, and processes set by the Management Committee have become even more important – which ADDA app can help disseminate via Push Notifications, Email, and SMS broadcasts. Apartment Residents need not rely on Whatsapp forwards or hearsay – as long as they all are using the ADDA app.

Given the importance of a tool like ADDA for Apartment Residents and its Management Committee members, we have made the Communication part of ADDA App completely free to all Apartment Residents as part of the Essential App.”

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