An honest theory about the Teenage by a Teenager


Ojas Batra, a young successful entrepreneur, public speaker and developer, is now also a writer. As he comes with his book- Teenage AF, which he prefers to describe as ‘’a guide to being a teenager, by a teenager.’’ Out of the many terms he could be called, Ojas calls himself a purebred entrepreneur who has successfully bootstrapped and sold 14 e-commerce stores. Coming from the city of Taj Mahal, he dropped out of school to develop new skills in content writing, game development, 3D and VFX, graphic design and marketing to supplement his income scheme for bootstrapping his other business ideas.

In his book-Teenage AF, the author sheds light upon various aspects of a teenager’s life, on the basis of his own experience of being one. Through this book, the author attempts to impart a deep understanding about how by developing a strong and unique skill set individually, a teenager can make the best out of teenage.

The book covers various challenges about things that a teenager goes through, from the faults in the current education system to mental health problems. The author also gives his personal opinions and talks about overcoming the challenges of being a teenager. It would not be wrong to call this book an honest analysis of the teenage, as the author himself falls in the same age group which in turn gives him a better understanding of this phase of life.

Ojas highlights several matters which play a crucial role in the life of every teenager. They include dealing with age gaps, sustainability of relationships, their effects on mental health, importance of peace of mind, and many more issues that the author has addressed in a precise and sharp manner. Most of these matters were not addressed enough and thus passed without much notice until Ojas took the initiative of addressing them.

In order to build the right future, the author explains the role of technology and the internet in teenage life. In addition to this, he also talks about how to utilise it by working on individual and unique skill sets that can help one understand their own passions in a digitised world.

Finally about the author, not many people observe the aspects of teenage life with such accuracy and detail that Ojas has, ultimately carving them beautifully into words. This led him to quote down the guide to being a teenager by a teenager. With Teenage AF, the author not only targets the teenage readers but also the parents and the teachers, who this book can help to get a better understanding of a teenager’s life. The book aims to help teenagers to overcome various hurdles, practical and emotional, which sometimes leave a huge impact on one’s life.

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