And it’s World Photography Day


And it’s World Photography Day!

Capture the moments and make it immortal!

At times, we live the moment and we also think of capturing the exact moment so that we could cherish the exact moment forever. And there comes the photography! Most people are very passionate about photography at present days. Back in the Stone Age period, humans drew their images on the stone and it was where everything started. Later, the stage of photography developed in the 19th century and 20th century and even now, it is getting a new shape and takes photography to the next level. There is a variety of photography in which every click is unique in its way. And today, August 19 is World Photo Day! It is also known as Photo Day or World Photography Day which is an annual celebration of the art and science of photography. So, what are you waiting for! Just pick up your camera on this World Photo Day!

On this particular day, it encourages people to pick up their camera and to be inspired by fellow photographers to take soul-filled pictures and then share them with the world.

Photography as we know today is a modern innovation and development as well. However, photography has its own history which was the discovery of camera obscura. It is a device with a hole in it, through which the light passes and creates an inverted image of the scene outside. It was known to be used as a way to recreate events where the artists would sketch or trace the image to record it for centuries and the earliest records of camera obscura date back to 400 BCE.

Present days, both the cameras and the photography went through multiple technological innovations in the 20th century. The availability of affordable and high-quality digital cameras has been turning the photography a passionate hobby to many passionate souls.  So, let’s see how to celebrate World Photo Day. It does not matter whether you are an amateur, a professional, or someone who spends most of the day in clicking pictures and sharing them on social media, World Photography Day is one of the easy holidays to celebrate.

You can enjoy it by browsing or learning more about the history and science behind photography. If you really wanted to learn photography but if you haven’t started yet, then today is the right time for you to begin the lessons. And if you are a passionate professional photographer, trying teaching the wonderful art to others.

Prod into nature and click pictures of it, later, the picture speaks the most. World Photo Day is celebrated to boost up the people who are more interested in photography. So, on this day, just pick up your camera and capture the beautiful moments of the world.

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