Backpack to Kodaikanal this holiday season with Kloh


Kloh is a social platform to discover unique local experiences, tournaments, group classes hosted by people like us and connect with your kind of people who share the same passion. This city-based startup now taken the experience they are offering a notch higher by now hosting the experiences Kodaikanal.

Here is a list of activities to look forward to for the weekend. For more details visit

Cheesy Kodaikanal

When- 28th Dec 2019

Did you know that Kodaikanal is famous for handmade cheese, Beauty of nature? For making the same they don’t use any hi-technology and imported from Netherlands sound’s amusing Isn’t the cheesy drawing you closer to taste & experience the different types, Cuts, and variety of melting cheesy cheese, “Taste the cheesy cheese” Just being super cheesy here! Nope, that’s not all! You heard it right we have a surprise visit to nature’s gift waterfalls along with a tour to the winery where your taste buds would be exposed to the best refinery wine in Kodaikanal

Soapy Kodaikanal-

When-29th Dec 2019

Kodaikanal being the child of nature is much known for soap making, If you are curious enough to learn we are so much curious enough to provide you and teach you the art of soap making where you can learn to make your own soap (customized, Personally branded! Your handmade soap.

A day out in Kodaikanal-

When-31st Dec 2019

Anyone out there in Kodaikanal have no clue not to do except for the cold weather and warm place to stay, Are you very much confused with place to visit looking into google maps for direction., Don’t worry, we are here giving you a complete activity-based tour in Kodaikanal’s renowned places you will visit and learn winemaking, soap making, jam tasting & making, cheese tasting visit to villages so much more. Get ready to be the coolest one taking your loved one’s outing

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