Be prepared to be at your wits’ end with laughter therapy at antiSOCIAL on 24th November 2020


Laughter Therapy at antiSOCIAL, Mumbai

~Be prepared to be at your wits’ end with laughter therapy at antiSOCIAL~

With a lineup of some of the most hilarious comedians, OML & antiSOCIAL are here to take you on a laughter journey. Be prepared to laugh to your wits’ end with multiple belly chuckles. The pioneers of Indian standup like Kunal Rao, Ramya Ramapriya and Abhijit Ganguly are sure to give you laughter therapy at antiSOCIAL, Mumbai.

About Kunal Rao

Kunal Rao launched his career in comedy after he quit his high-paying job in London. Over the last two years, he has performed over 150 shows in Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Delhi. Kunal has had two comedy specials, Holy Krao! (2012) and Its Not Okay (2015) and is a co-founder of popular comedy collective East India Company. With them, he has performed sketch and topical news comedy (EIC Outrage) and participates in an annual celebration of the worst of the Indian film industry, EIC vs Bollywood. His international career includes Nepal, Sri Lanka, Dubai and his aunt’s living room in south Mumbai.

About Abhijit Ganguly

A Bengali living in Delhi, Abijit Ganguly’s humor tackles the most mundane Indian problems like parents and pressure of getting married. The bi-lingual comedian performs in both Hindi and English, is over 2000 shows old and NDTV has repeatedly named him as one of the Rising Stars of Comedy in India. When he is not packing venues on comedy nights or doing corporate shows, the Delhi School of Economics graduate poses as a brand consultant to major multi-corporations like Woo, Sprite, Culture Machine and OYO Rooms, and also as a freelance writer. The comedian has appeared on various TedX Talks, dishing gyan about being on stage, following dreams, and earning your bread in the process.

About Ramya Ramapriya

Ramya Ramapriya’s Twitter bio says ”Daughter, Citizen, Stand-up comic, Designer, Engineer, near far wherever u are…man titanic song’s intense!” This is her drifting off to another topic but makes few people (close to zero) think she is funny. She doesn’t have any famous friends so she joined the comedy circuit. She hopes all her comic friends will get famous and will still talk to her!


  • The venue will have a maximum of 1/3rd of its previous capacity.

  • Patrons have to get their temperature checked, wear a mask and have no symptoms such as cough, breathlessness etc.

  • The entire venue has a HVAC UV-C system, which disinfects the air near the AC ducts continuously using UV-C light rays.

  • Patrons are encouraged to reserve their tickets in advance.

  • Valet service is available.

  • Patrons are to wear their mask at all times, except when eating and drinking.

  • Contactless payment will be the preferred mode of payment

  • Patrons are encouraged to stand on spots designated to them

Venue: antiSOCIAL, CS #242, Near Viva Centre, Mathuradas Mill Compound, Lower Parel West, Mumbai

When: 24th November

Timing: 9:00 pm onwards

Entry: 299 (A fully redeemable cover of Rs 200 (against food+drinks) will be charged at the gate)

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